November 2nd, 2003

K: Eeep, Eeep
  • kielle

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I just watched a documentary about prison rodeos. I didn't know prison rodeos actually existed. I thought they were a joke, used for Simpsons episodes and various semi-clever sayings (i.e., "I'm as jumpy as a virgin at a prison rodeo.")
But, apparently they do exist, and this one drew quite a crowd of rowdy locals. A lot of the inmates were pretty good--granted, I'm not the best judge of bull-riding or calf-roping skills.

Somehow I don't think I'd ever attend an event that combined enraged livestock and convicted criminals.

-- rpp
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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I hate my degus oh so much.

They can chew their way through plastic cages to freedom now. thankfully they are also stupid enough to run over my foot.

I was temporarily terrified that they'd laid eggs somewhere in my room and that was a new degu.

Then I remembered that degu don't lay eggs.

But it was a totally valid concern there for a moment.

-- crantz