October 24th, 2003


The perils of fan-based international friendships.

Original post:

I may feel like crap, I may be late to class, but god damn do I look cute today!

Yellow He-Man t-shirt
Turquoise bandana that matches a blue in the shirt (with hair spiked beneath)
Leopard-print chuck taylors
the cute Victoria's Secret jeans

I win.

-- redstapler


thessalian -- Yeah. You win the First Annual Quinn-a-thon.

"Gee, Jill -- if you're so cute, maybe you should be the President of the Fashion Club."

nightskywarlock -- I'm not sure which of you to hit first.

thessalian -- She's closer. By about 5,000 miles.
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*grimaces to surpress the gag reflex*

I had the most impossibly graphic dream this morning. I must be the worlds' worst lesbian. I'm afraid unvollendete80 was right; some people walk in their sleep, others talk in their sleep. I hetero in my sleep.


- coldbeer

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Well, this made me laugh. From apocalypsos

I completely forgot my mom said this.

Telemarketer: What are you doing to combat the high cost of heating bills?
My mother: I set my kids on fire.

See, there's a reason I'm like this. :)

re: clay aiken

From dprescott:
Clay Aiken from American Idol...
I just heard his new song. One of the lyrics goes like this:

...if I were invisible, I would watch you in your room...

Ok, that is kinda disturbing. Last thing I want is an invisible Alfred E. Newman watching me in my room...WTF!
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madlori : I think this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of humanity.

I just did two loads of laundry, and...


Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

maidazia : Did you have extras that didn't look like yours? Cause if you did, they may be mine. I've been missing three odd socks for a month now. And I'm not convinced that there isn't some sort of trans-dimensional portal in the back of my dryer.

- from this entry
I'll cup them like a glass to drink from

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from mcee

the next two days will be known as "stuff your face weekend" or "glutton madness". because i called the clinic and i'm starting the nazi diet again on monday (by 'nazi' i mean it's insane and evol; it's not a meal plan composed entirely of babies). which means not only do i want to eat crap all weekend, but there needs to be none of it left in the house by monday. i'm thinking of picking up the ingredients to make poutine tomorrow and just eat that all weekend. (and then die horribly of high cholesterol, with a blissful smile on my face and an éclair in my hand!)
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My dad likes to tell me that every man I've ever thought hot, been interested in, or dated was gay. So it comes as no surprise that he IMed the following to me:

"just read that when they film the sequel to pirates of car...they are gonna make 2 new films at the same time....like the matrix...so now u can look forward to a trilogy of gayness!"

- forkthief