October 20th, 2003

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All from an entry in crantz's journal...

acetal: I saw the cutest thing the other day. Little shoes for a two-year-old that squeak when they walk. Lets you know they're getting away. Quite possibly maddening though.
crantz: "freeedo--*squeaksqueaksqueak* GODDAMNIT" "Aww! Mummy's little baby was going for a little runny!" "AWAY, WOMAN"

acetal: I also wear only black socks.
crantz: obviously I must seduce you now.
acetal: When I say that, I mean that those are the only type of socks I wear, not that I only wear black socks.
crantz: you always crush my fantasies

lemaineac: I have shoes. A pair of shoes, in fact. I wear them when I go outside.
The left one is normal.
The right one always squeaks.
I've had them for three years now.
It's not cool when everything is all SHH QUIET and then people hear SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK and I have to pretend that no, that isn't MY shoe that's squeaking, it's your fucking imagination you bitches, now get back to work :D
K: Hey Stupid!, K: The Unholy Duo, Dogmatix, K: Lesbian Again, K: Laughing Out Loud

Yes, I'm bloody well meta-metaquoting :)

_redpanda_: Oh god your icon just destroyed me. It ties in nicely with my own frequent "Orlando And His Three Facial Expressions" jokes IRL. ;)

deadspiders: :D Thanks! For a moment I thought you were being too generous by crediting him with *three* expressions, but I think you're right. There's puzzled about something that's happening to the left of camera, concerned about goings-on slightly to the right of camera, and downright mystified about things happening offscreen. ;P

_redpanda_: *chokes*

deadspiders: No, I'm pretty sure he couldn't do that one. It would require an unfurrowing of the brow, and I don't think that's within his range. ;D
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I found out yesterday, that there are no restrictions on our Halloween costumes at work, except that they can't be "too revealing." Yeah, like I want to show off this body, you know? And the shirt that I'm wearing is so unrevealing, because it's huge on me. Which is actually good, because I don't recall a lot of pirates with 38C's bouncing around on deck, at least not in the movies I've seen. I've considered even getting an ace bandage and "Tightening down the hatches" so-to-speak, so that the "day's stubble" won't look too weird.

"Look, Mommy, our server is a crossdressing Pirate!"

"Jr, it's not polite to po-- holy god, you're right! A transvesite pirate! Augh! RUN FOR COVER!"

-- darqstar

Apparently he's a lil bored?

BAH! Holy sweet CRAP.. I'm so bored my ass just fell off.. Gone.. fell clean off.. Like some sort of anal umbilical cord.. Now I can't sit of course.. or ride horseback.. Such is my life.. No hips to keep jeans up.. and now no ass... Damn my genetics.. and my boredom.. -- tarpo
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They're making a film about King Arthur. Yay!

There's no singing or Richard Harris in it. Boo!

But Ioan Gruffudd and Hugh Dancy will be in it, and they are hot. Yay!

But Keira Knightley's in it too. Boo!

But she probably won't display any wildly implausible nautical knowledge in a film about knights. Yay!

But she'll probably be irritating in the manner of most Guineveres. Boo!

I looked at pictures of the guy playing Arthur, Clive Owen, and he's not bad. Yay!

Oh, God, I bet Keira will have her mouth open the entire movie again. Boo.

I'm probably overreacting. Yay?

HEY, WHY DOES GUINEVERE HAVE A BOW AND ARROW? BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Vanessa Redgrave never shot arrows around whilst wearing leather underwear.
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dc: steph: from now on you call me robin

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I want to know what this 'gay agenda' is. Is there something I should know? Apparently, there's some secret gay cabal trying to take over the world or something. I'm not sure why. But that's the plan, and the first step is to ask people not to beat them to death in the street. That's why, if you see someone in the street, anyone, you should hit them. Just in case they are a member of some non-visible minority group planning to take over the world. Because you never can tell.

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astrogirl2 says,

Why do my stupid self-insertion fantasies start off as promising bits of h/c, show every sign of developing into high-quality smut, and then somehow manage to take a left turn somewhere and end up in sitcom land? I think the problem is that I'm not good at turning off my brain, and thus my MS-self is far too practical... Which is what leads to things like the Sweet Romantic Interlude morphing into the Wacky Quest for Birth Control Devices, complete with many embarrassing incidents in front of the other characters.
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so, just to review: this year in bc, we've had plague (sars), fire (summer forest fires) and flood.

all we need now is famine and pestilence and i, an atheist, will be thoroughly convinced that god is exacting some kind of punishment on us, likely for legalizing marijuana and same-sex marriages.

hey god - bring it on. we haven't cracked yet.
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temima: Out of all the species out there, we can imagine. I am not sure about primate research, but I don't think there are any other species that can see themselves other than what they are now. That is the source of humanity's greatest achievements and worst atorcities.

zarriq: That, and humankind's tendency to write pornographic fanfiction.

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