October 19th, 2003

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saw Pirates again. there is no measurement known to humankind that could possibly come close to describing the amount of sex I want to have with Johnny Depp. none.

-- cheeriomonkey

Goddamnit, why is it so hard to find Mean!Sex fics these days? I'm sick and bloody tired of two-hearts-beating-as-one, logical-progression-of-mutually-deep-feelings fic. I don't want any more gazing-into-each-other's-eyes-as-our-souls-entwine sex, I want Revenge!Sex. I'm-on-the-rebound-you're-meaningless!Sex. I'm-doing-this-to-fuck-you-UP!Sex. Dirty, nasty, rough, uncaring sex, possibly with a dash of spit and humiliation thrown in.

It never used to be this hard to find when I was still in X-Files, damn it. Krycek could deliver on a brief like that.

-- hisgreyeyes
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Man, when Fellowship Of The Ring came out, I was nuts. Nuts! Orlando Bloom isn't even slightly attractive. I'd rather spend a night in the company of John Rhys-Davies. I'm not saying that just to make a point. I actually find John kind of hot. I'd love to be in a Rhys-Davies/Serkis sandwich. Anyway! Orlando Bloom is not cute. His ass could learn a few cuteness lessons from that of Christopher Lee. He's not cute blond and clean-cut, and he's not cute dark-haired and piratesque. He's possibly cute as a rentboy in an amusing hat, but it all went downhill from Wilde, ladies and gentlemen. You know who the real hunk in Return Of The King is going to be? Dernhelm. Oh yeah, baby. I don't know exactly how gay this makes me, but I don't really care anymore. Yow.

-- oliveoyl

*giggles respectably*

Chris has sallied off to brave the Vons picket line in search of good bleu-cheese dressing, because Stater Bros had fuck-all in the way of actual salad fixin's. I told him to come back with his shield or on it. I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE A WIDOW.

-- kielle
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I am also not going to go into the fact that just typing the phrase 'Sports/College Day' makes me think 'omg athletics/academia OTP!!!11!!!1! Theirloveissoconflictinginterests!' I'm just going to take it as a sign that I should probably start sleeping more.
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I really don't need to know all about my friends and their birth-control pills...

From amethystgreye:

More on the "Stuff I Get For Free Now That The Army Has Activated My Husband" Front:

It seems that I, a woman who uses Ortho Tri-Cyclen (aka, The Pill) for only one reason, to prevent conception (and not to "keep me regular", clear up acne, or reduce cramps or whatever), am entitled to free OT-C, paid for the military.

The same military who is sending the only man I tempt the Stork with to Iraq.

The same can be said for my sister-in-law, whom I will be living with.

So, for free, the military is supplying the pill, to two woman, living together, whom it has sexually put out to pasture for around 18 months.
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