October 18th, 2003

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From the journal of _audrey, I poked and proded her till she gave me permision!

attn: The plague of ants invading our house.

If I see ONE more of you little multi-limbed bastards in here (after thorough spraying with bug spray, sucking most of you into the vacuum and spreading salt around your apparent entry point) I will SCREAM. Loudly. And then squish you. You have been warned.

p.s. That goes double for any of you foolish enough to attempt to infiltrate my laptop. It has enough bugs already.

-The Giant With The Spray Of Anty DOOM.

Their answer? By way of bigbadbruce:

attn: The Giant With The Spray Of Anty DOOM

You have destroyed half our troop, but we will not be defeated, we know the insides of your house, better than you do! and our Queen is working hard to replenish our troops. Will see you in the next attack on your laptop!

-The plague of ants invading our house


attn: ants

I have repelled your second wave. Stay away from my laptop, or I shall be forced to take drastic measures.

-The Giant Who Has Run Out Of Bug Spray, But Still Has The Vacuum, So Ha.


attn: The Giant Who Has Run Out Of Bug Spray, But Still Has The Vacuum, So Ha

You call that a wave, it was a ploy, just testing out how strong you are. But seeing that you have run out ot of the spray of death it seems we have the upper leg and we don't fear the sucking beast. So see you soon!

Arbor ancien

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"When did Dennis get that good at giving massages? I'm going to go to bed and sleep before the afterglow wears off. This apartment is COLD and I can only find one slipper. Must be the interdimensional string fiends."

As read in manycolored.
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