October 17th, 2003

springtime the pony

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Devil Duckie, you're so swell
You make bathtime living hell
Devil Duckie, I'm awfully wary of you!

Woh woh, bee doh!

Devil Duckie, crushing joys
Eating souls of other toys
Devil Duckie, Baalzebub's birdie, it's true!

Doo doo doo doooo, doo doo!
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Arthur Dent, after watching movies all night and thereafter meeting David Wenham...yes, it's a very odd game...

No. Universe? Hello. It's Arthur. Please stop it. First it was "The Price Of Milk" with more than enough of Karl's nether regions bobbing about in dairy products. And then I meet Karl.

Now it's "Better Than Sex," during which I was subjected to a pair of buttocks with dimples deep enough to lose a hand in. Actors take plastic surgery much too far, I think. Those can't be real. Not that I stared at them for unnatural lengths of time, mind you, they were simply thrust at me for my viewing pleasure. I did not just say thrust. Anyway, universe, I was talking to you. Now tell me you did not just have that, that, that walking dimple pass me in the hallways.

I am not watching any movies this evening. I shall read a book. Indeed.
sunday in the sunset leaves

not everyone likes maths, after all...

schiarire, in a comment-chat on my LJ:
Maths and me, we have that kind of relationship where you avoid each other as much as possible and then ineffable forces beyond your control shove you in the same general vicinity and it's all uphill from there. On a tricycle. In the rain. And after you've beaten maths to death with your Rusty Tricycle of Doom you squeak down the other side and have to start all over.
That was supposed to make sense but I think I killed it somewhere around the first "maths."

Insert me saying this theory makes perfect sense, tricycle and all. (I'm not much of a maths person either.) And then she says:

I don't think any other vehicle accurately expresses the difficulty involved excluding, perhaps, the unicycle.
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two from the amusing threesixoh:

"two viruses that have tried to penetrate (how apt) my firewall today: "deep throat trojan horse", and a "back orifice trojan horse." lauren is seriously considering writing virus slash. desperate measures are necessary. (omg viruses r so gay!1)"

"mum: [peering at alyson hannigan/alexis denisof wedding pictures over my shoulder] aw! who got married?
chris: oh... willow and alexis. can't remember her real name.
mum: i thought willow was her real name?

ladies and gentlemen, my mother. the only person in the world who thought buffy the vampire slayer was a docusoap."
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the concluding paragraph to the essay i've been working on?

So, what does Jack want? It's a good question. An interesting question. A question I am not entirely certain I answered in this paper. Also, I suck at writing conclusions. In summary, I like the Stoics better than the Epicurians and Fight Club was a really good book. The end.