October 16th, 2003


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From nemesisnomiko:

"A GI Joe doll."
"Not a doll. A manly military action figure."
"It's a doll."
"Look. If I can put Barbie clothes on it, it's a doll."
"Barbie clothes won't fit him. He's too manly."
*ten minutes and one trip to Pediatrics later...*
"See my dolly?"
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Wow Neat

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"Dinosaurs still walk the earth..."

And they're very cleverly disguised as smaller, furrier animals. They're waiting for the appointed time to reveal themselves and launch an attack upon humanity. They'll be extra-mad after having been cramped into their disguises, so their wrath will be terrible indeed.

-- ilanalynn
My Friends Rock, K: My Friends Rock
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I realize why I keep watching Angel. I know that eventually, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce will stop the scene, look directly at me, and say, "Jump me." I know that will never happen...at least, not sober.

Reminder To Self: Buy some tequila before next week's episode of Angel and write a note explaining why you may or may not be doing lewd things to friends' television set...

-- mice
Silly Walks by DramaGirl42

Forget the apples, we need fine toothed combs and blue shampoo!

"I digress. We won't go into classroom violence, drunk or high parents and large cousins with vicious dogs, cos I am feeling okay tonight and don't want to get depressed. No, on a scale of one to ten, ten being fire-fighting or deep seam mining and one being - sleeping, teaching falls towards three in the grand scheme of things.
There is however a hazard larger than angry grans with colostomies fitted - and that is INFESTATIONS. Insert ugh! here." - xanpet2000

As a soon to be teacher, her whole post on this subject is a hoot.
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