October 14th, 2003

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While the entire, chocolate truffle prophecy post can be found here, and is hilarious and well worth reading, my favorite part is this.

J.K. Rowling will indeed write the next two Harry Potter books within the next five years, but sadly, the Great Battle with Voldemort will not occur; instead she will be forced by her publishing house to write a series of books following Harry through Auror training. mon_starling and alicey will be hired to illustrate the new trio of books, but placed under order to make them as ugly as possible, in keeping with the first seven.

Hermione will be permanently transfigured into a casserole, but nobody will notice the difference.

JKR will die with the last book unfinished, and it will be passed to Neil Gaiman to complete. Harry will suddenly develop a personality, a sarcastic wit, and a plotline with no holes in it. eruthros will copyedit it, and the Reign of the Ellipses shall end.

Prophecy and quote from copperbadge.
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Flamewar fun

Many of you may have heard about/seen cheekyweebisom's LJ going up in flames. A small sample:

"emily" the flamer: is ur icon Jesus our Lord on a pogo steck? if so thats relly ineproriat

was then translated to: Is your icon Jesus on a pagan steak? If so, that's jelly proletariat.

and then nefariousgrey comments: I hear they're coming out with peanut butter bourgeoisie as well.
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"I'm tired of reading in the gazettes that flat buttocks are more pleasing."

In the footnotes of a latin translation of "Baby Got Back;"

"(*4)All right, how would you say "got it goin' like a Turbo 'Vette"? And what exactly is "goin'" here? I have chosen to understand that the unnamed woman's extraordinary callipygy has inspired a primal response in the narrator, rather than that she "has got it goin' on," i.e., that she "is all that" -- although the later lines (not included here) concerning Fonda's Honda and the speaker's anaconda can, ultimately, be invoked in support of either interpretation." - quislibet
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It's so much funnier when you picture the trees replaced with humans.

Every tree has a spark of life. Often these are non-sapient souls, but they're sufficiently lively nonetheless. The same goes for other plants. The people-trees are said to be in a state of constant or near-constant meditation. A forest is basically a massive number of hardcore meditating monks.

We emerged from the forest road and were now driving by a suburb. I thought about the landscaping and gardening.

Landscaping and gardening are the arts of picking up mostly-oblivious meditating monks, and rearranging them in more visually pleasing ways.

--frameacloud, here.
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My first post....

A typical conversation between my roommate and myself:

T: You want staples?
M:No, I have staples.
T: They're purple staples.
M: Oooh, special staples.
T: They came with the stapler. I don't be hating on them because they're purple.
M: Because T don't play that game.
T: I've got love for all staples. I have a dream......
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heartfelt conversation scenes

ringteign about heartfelt conversation scenes


I've come to the conclusion that I am physically incapable of writing heartfelt conversation scenes. I should have a medical discharge or something.

I tried again today. Oh boy, did I try. I sat down and opened my file and woke my boys up. 'Boys,' I said. 'You're going to have a heartfelt conversation today.' And they looked at me strangely and one said 'Are you sure?' and the other said 'Are you really sure?' 'Yes!' I replied. 'I am! You're going to talk about feelings and betrayal and damn the consequences!' And I even pulled out the traditional stiff upper lip to show them I really meant business. So they shrugged at each other and walked into the fic and took their positions amongst the broiling discontent and the clunky exposition and waited for me to start.

431 words later I'd written an comical misunderstanding involving the personal hygiene habits of labradors.

I should be shot.
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From a dog perspective, leaving your dog behind and going away is something like those ridiculous scenes in horror movies. You know what I mean. They've just found a couple of skeletons and now one of their party has gone missing. So they decide to SPLIT UP and explore the haunted house or cemetary or whatever. "Don't go in the basement!" the audience yells. That's exactly Perry's feeling as HER car drives away. That's exactly Perro's feeling as HER car drives away. How CAN they be so stupid? It's - bizarre.

-my beta, k'sal