October 13th, 2003

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I'm thinking of what costume I would like to do for Halloween this year. The cheapest, yet evilest, one I can come up with is The Homosexual Agenda. That's right. I just go into the office and start humping everything. People, fax machines, a package of M&M's, nothing will be safe.

At least I'd scare the conservatives...

-- mice
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We have today off from school because its Columbus Day...

(for those of you who don't know, Columbus was this prick idiot who got on a boat from Spain and said "I'm going to go discover India!" So he docked it on the upper east coast of North America and said "Hark, I have discovered India!" And the natives were all "this is North America you bimbo" and he was all "whatever." ...so we get a day off of school because of some idiot..sweeet)

from my friend, rhetoricians
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"Have you ever noticed how food commercials are made? It's bad enough news and talk shows shove the camera right into someone's face, as if you can't read their expression from more than six inches away. Then, you're watching a Taco Bell commercial and they rub your nose right in a gooey burrito or somethin'. It's like porn, almost. Food porn. Everything larger than life and right in your face."