October 11th, 2003

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If there's one thing I've learned from watching Bend It Like Beckham, it's that Jonathan Rhys Meyers should not be allowed to run in airports. I haven't seen that much arm-flailing since I dropped my Raggedy Andy doll off a second-story porch.

~apocalypsos, who else? :D
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my car was vandalized. i came home from work and found that my windshield was shattered. needless to say, i don't know who did it. fortunately, i have bought a gun, and i am going to shoot everyone who steps within ten feet of my car from now one.

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It's a Two-fer!

Guess who volunteered to help move a desk with a banged-up toe?

Guess who bonked said toe on said desk?

Guess who hopped around clutching her foot and kind of sort of fell into the wall because she wasn't paying attention?

Guess who said a really bad word?

I so amuse me. :)
-- celli

I am loving Joan of Arcadia. So truly loving it. It makes me happy. God is snarky. Me love snarky God. -- lizbetann

(both in their most recent journal entries)
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Fairy Wings, Butterfly girl, Purpled, Fairy Wings (blue)

On serial killers and circuses...

Because no day should go by without a quote from apocalypsos:

Remember a while back, when I was all nerdy because there was a serial killer on the loose? Well, this was the guy. And yay, he's gotten free, on a rope of bedsheets, out of a freaking window. You know, because he is six years old and running away to join the circus in a Disney movie.
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