October 7th, 2003

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First post...

This one's by mama_fortuna, I hope she doesn't mind, it is a public journal...anyway...

"Shawna made the worst joke of the day upon finding a G. I. Joe action figure stuffed into a coffee mug - 'How about a cup of Joe?'"

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stealth whap

More Smallville Recap Fun

What's absolutely laughable is the attempt to keep him all virginal that just ended up making him gayer than Liberaci when the Hot Bartender was all "You never go home with women" and Clark gave him an eyefuck that should have left him sore for days.

-- nifra_idril here, in response to kikimariposa's earlier-metaquoted...uh... quote.
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Mister Rogers by DramaGirl42

God bless the random button

"You're supposed to break your Yom Kippur fast with something sweet, one of my friends once told me; I don't remember ever learning this in Hebrew school, but it seemed a tradition worth adopting. (Apples are traditional, she claimed, but she herself preferred Godiva.)" - coffeeandink

Could someone tell me how to do the user link? I've forgotten.
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[oxygenated] little boy lost


[Tea and Jane boldly walk across the hall, chatting animatedly.]
Tea: Yes, but if Mulder and Scully grow old and crusty on the boat, and he and Scully share an intimate moment, then they can't possibly be getting it on, I mean their bones would dislodge--
Jane: [pitying look.] No, when I said "intimate" moment I didn't mean a sexual intimacy. I meant that they have a brief fond interlude before Mulder loses consciousness.
Tea: [baffled.] But, if Mulder loses consciousness, then there's no possible way he and Scully are going to shag, I mean honestly.
Jane: [snort.] There is no "shagging" in this episode.
Tea: False advertising!
Jane: I did not falsely advertise! You asked me if Scully and Mulder ever get intimate, and I said yes, there are a few episodes wherein their tense fondness for each other comes in play, and--
Jane: Yes! But it's in episo--
[Tea and Jane stop dead in their tracks. Tea's ALPHA CRUSH whips around the corner.]

teabeard, here.

Oh, this is beateaful.
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From ivyblossom's LJ. There seems to be a greatly-amusing-mothers theme going on here.

So I called my mother and said, "Hey mom, guess what! I have a cyst in my wrist!"

"Ganglion," my mother said. "I used to get those when I was crochetting a lot. You should stop typing so much."

"I know, I know, I'm so relieved though!"

"I got rid of mine because I fell on the ice and hit my wrist. That really hurt. It was gone after that."


"Then I got another one, and I fell on the ice again. It didn't come back after that."

"Odd self-medication you have going on there."

"Get a hammer and whack it, that will get rid of it!" My mother, you see, loves me.

"Um, no. That would hurt."

"Get a hammer and get someone else to whack it!"

"Right, because that would hurt LESS. And I have such a HIGH PAIN THRESHOLD."

My sister has a high pain threshold. So does my mother, who only goes to doctors when she can't see or needs more heart medication. i, on the other hand, have the lowest pain threshold in the history of pain thresholds. I am officially not allowed to get my legs waxed. When my mother first got hers done she said, "oh, it's not bad. Bee, you should go try it. Ivy, don't ever, ever get anything waxed. You would die." So you get the idea that whacking myself with a hammer is just a generally bad idea.