October 6th, 2003

quiet sensation. [credit to ariel]

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from sineala.

Scene: in the car, driving down a side street to look at the ocean. I am looking out the right side of the car, at the right side of the road. Apparently a girl walks by on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I don't see her.
MY MOTHER: That's a lot of cleavage on that girl.
MY MOTHER: Don't you think, Elena?
ME: What? I wasn't looking in that direction.
MY MOTHER: Just what kind of lesbian are you? Even I noticed.
(pause, because there really isn't a good response to that)
MY MOTHER, looking rather pleased: I'm gayer than you, I'm gayer than you!

Yeah. So.

(My mother, for the record, is straight.)


adriadne9 writes:
I got the first three episodes of the A&E Neverwhere miniseries, which sucks major ass, if you were wondering. They tried to do it with a very small costume budget and special effects that make Red Dwarf look like the Matrix.
[oxygenated] little boy lost

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"If the twins didn't think it was funny, which they don't seem to have any bitter qualms with it (hell, it's just gettin' a kick out of fangirlism I say), I'm sure that now they can walk with a sort of smug swagger.
Ha ha! We are zee evile delicious twins who will NEVER EVER give j00 TWINCEST HAHA! *Jack Sparrow swagger*"


"I only had one out of 14 new mails in my Inbox that was an actual email.
And it was from LJ telling me someone left a comment.
I am deeply chagrined amused by this. I beg you to please continue not sending me email, for it makes me want to pour cyanide into your Evian water makes our bonds tighter--yes, yes, sweet readers, I know your hearts are with me even in my perilous absence!"

teabeard, here.

Because oh, how I love her.
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spn - brother times

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Happy first post to me! My friends are being unscintilating at the moment, but I promise amusing quotes in the future.

From nicolae:
Also, I am seriously considering taking my bed and running away from home. Well, not seriously, 'cause that's ridiculous. But you know what I mean.

From resonant8:
Have just read Commodore Hornblower and am now trying to get England and Prussia to have sex. Fortunately they can't reproduce.

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Hello! Another first-time poster. *waves* :)

Have meant to metaquote elsila for a while, for she consistently cracks my shit up.

Sigh. Some girls have pillowfights and sleepovers. We have transvestite makeout sessions and force icons to hump each other.

Found in this thread.

Ummm, if anyone would, for some reason, like to see the posts with the animated humping mood icons and the dancing Jonathan-Rhys-Meyers penis, let me know. O_O

Also, this post, regarding the new WB show Tarzan, will make you pee your pants.

Jane packs heat
-displays signs of sexual dissatisfaction
-also: poor judge of distances

Tarzan's obvious smelliness goes unremarked upon
-Tarzan indulges in creepy stroking, closeup of Jane's upsetting bellybutton
-Jane's cophair suddenly loose and seductive, possibly...tendril-like?
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Eminem's Stan, PoTC-style:

Dear Jack, I sent you some pigeon mail, but you still ain't callin, I left my address, my lace girdle, and my confused eyebrows at the bottom. I sent you two more in Autumn, you must not have got 'em. Commodore Norrington probably mixed them up with his magazine subscriptions or something. Sometimes I write my cursive abit sloppy when I jot 'em. Anyways, whats been up? How's your Pearl? Elizabeth is pregnant too, I hope thats it's a girl, because I think I've always wanted to be one. It'd be fun.
Perhaps thats why I'm confused, seeya D00d
Look, A hill!
from Will.

Ok, so I may have got a little lazy at the end there.

- irradiatedsoup, in response to this post.
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Doctor Who [Donna]

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"I then decided that today was going to be an Alisa-wears-a-tie day, and not as a belt. So I wander into my dad's home office, stopping on the way to check the laundry (still not done and in fact depressingly damp) and ask him to show me how to tie it. And the first thing he says is "That's checked. Your skirt is plaid. Checks and plaids don't mix." Not "Why on earth do you want to wear a tie, you silly freak!" I love him. "

Maybe it's just me, but I think my friends are cute.
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Pro Scurvy

Okay, I think we need to address the fakers that are coming onto this site. Being pro-scurvy isn't "cool"; it isn't "trendy." It's something I live with every day of my life, and to see these faker teenybopper "Oh, I need to lose three teeth by prom" sluts come on here really pisses me off. I wouldn't wish scurvy on my WORST ENEMY'S SISTER'S DOG! Go drink your orange juice! Take those Vitamin C pills! It's too late for us. SAVE YOURSELVES. AND GET OFF OUR BOARD, YOU FULL TEETHED SLUT WHORE JUICERS.

zosiablue, in pro_scurvy
one - original (doctor who)

ironychan reviews The Hulk!

From an IM chat she had with a friend:

Ironychan: The first half-hour was okay, considering that nothing really important seemed to happen.
Ironychan: The next hour and a half were lots of action sequences that didn't really seem to go anywhere and took too long... and I can't believe nobody ever looked at the script and said, "guys... the bad guy in this section is a mutant poodle."
SailorN1: *dies*
Ironychan: The last half hour can only be described as... well, y'know those 'what the shit' icons that are everywhere? That.
SailorN1: Wow. O_o
Ironychan: There was this guy who could merge with anything he touched, so he became Lightning Man, Rock Man, and Water Man in quick succession. Good thing those were available, 'cause Vinyl Man, Park Bench Man, and Linoleum Man wouldn't have had nearly the visual impact.
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and there is death

"deleterius: we're like Osama bin Laden, in a way."

First time poster. Hi.

Yes, I can sure see that one, darling.

Osama bin Laden : I am going 2 rite a fic! It will b teh best fic evah!

deleterius: Your fic sucks.

Osama bin Laden : WAAAAAH!! *stomps feet* U r bitches adn lesbos! I'll show U all!

- dontgiveahoot, in response to this.

(Subject line, by the way, from the same thread and courtesy of kailan. The amusement recently has been non-stop.)
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