October 5th, 2003

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  • kemayo

Because it's a wonderful description

In one scene, the villain, Yen the XIVth, is seen in his courtyard at night practicing his archery and firing arrows into a wall. He's also simultaneously playing four games of a strategic board game (Go maybe?), announcing moves to a functionary. He stops shooting long enough to chide a minion who failed in his mission to kill XIVth's brother, the rightful prince Yen, the XIIIth, and then decapitates the underling with the bowstring, causing the head to careen into the air. He instantly leaps into the air himself, draws an arrow, fires it, and spears the head with the arrow, directing it through a lit torch, which guides it (on Ed-Wood-like pulley strings) to the wall, where the burning arrow ignites the other arrows. This reveals that the arrows have been fired with precision to spell out in Chinese characters, "The Union of Heaven and Man". He jumps from the top of the torches to land by the gameboards and announce the winning move for all four games.

Steve and I applauded. "The judges give XIV a solid 10 for form and style!" It's one thing to punish a failed assassin, it's another to do it artistically.

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