October 4th, 2003

What lovely hair you have, Legolas.

Legolas/Lita. Dude, she's way too butch for him anyway. If you're gonna do a LotR/WWE crossover go back and do it with Jeff. He's dainty and feminine and would even make Legolas look masculine. Though I'm sure they'd fight over hair-care products. But ooh..they could have a slumber party with Edge and Christian when he had hair. "Oooh, Legolasy you're hair is sooooo bee-you-tee-full!" "Thank you Edgeykins and Chrissypoo you're hair is soooo shiny." "But let's not leave out Jeffys gorgeous array of colors."

Sadly, somewhere out there, someone is writing that.

~butterflyflames in response to this post.
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POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate

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From gypsyjr:

I've discussed the fact that urban legends are the only things that utterly give me the willies without fail, so I'm not sure why I'm enjoying Mythbusters so much. Maybe it's the fact that the hosts don't take it too seriously. (Unlike TLC's urban legends show, which I just couldn't finish watching.) Perhaps it's the fact that so far I've only seen them investigate some of the more amusing urban myths.

Or maybe it's the fact that they just used the phrase "panty static generator."
Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

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copperbadge: "LJ is telling me it cannot post because my document contains no data. I find this attitude rather presumptuous. I realise that Nero Wolfe fanfic is not, perhaps, the most informative posting in the world, but really, leave us not judge a post by its data!"
juniper200: "That's because your timing is off. Mr. Wolfe never allows posting while he's viewing the orchids."
copperbadge: "Marry me."

ETA: The conversation has spiraled away from there. Watch hilarity ensue.
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lotr: adjuva brigitta

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I woke up to the horrible hideous that is my nextdoor neighbor, henceforth to be known only as Old Man Ben, singing. And then woken up over and over again thanks to his Evita medley. Even though he failed to sing any of these songs correctly, he did succeed in getting "all of the misery right." --cruelest_month

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from her friday five post:

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now? A Sherman tank with a nice iridescent paintjob. Suck on this, you homicidally-incompetent Lincoln Navigator drivers!

Hee..my answer was a us military blackhawk with live ordinance and the permission to fire at will, charley, and tht old bat doing 10 mph in the 70 mile an hour highway.
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