October 3rd, 2003

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I just realized that I was disappointed by the fact that my Western Civ book didn't really mention the Spanish Inquisition. It's really hard to say "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" when there's no Spanish Inquisition to say it in response to. But then, the fact that I'm disappointed probably means that I was expecting it.

So does that mean that I did expect the Spanish Inquisition? And if so, could have I said "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" because obviously I did expect the Spanish Inquisition.

...Ooops. I broke my brain again.

-- sylk
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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It's funny because I was watching Star Wars earlier and realised many things relating to how some fandoms have the uncomfortable position of having to love the text despite the text, and also about the ridiculousness of rubber masks to denote non-humans and the silliness of using cgi for a character where just poking the audience with vinegar-coated needles would have caused the same reaction.

-- sharpest_rose

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by cerulgalactus:

It has come to my attention that GJ is sponsored by the second most evil entity on the interweb - Yahoo. So, there you go, folk, I guess the old adage is correct - Join GreatestJournal and be doomed for all eternity.

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Okay, this is a geeky peeve and up near "newspapers in bags" level, but I loathe folks who spell the word "assassin" as 'assasian.' An Assassin sneaks in and kills you dead. An Ass Asian sneaks in and bumps your rump.

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Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

Did they leave a quarter under his helmet?

"Today, I saw a guy walking down the street wearing a bicycle helmet. You know, I could think that he's crazy and bangs his head off things, or that he's paranoid and thinks the sky is falling, but I decided to be optimistic and just think that he was riding a bike, but the bicycle gnomes stole it out from under him and he just was being really casual about the whole thing."
--apocalypsos (ya didn't think we were gonna go a day without one, did you?)
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Somebody had to quote this ...

Everything I Know About Strange Fandoms I Learned From My Friends List

This is fun, I didn't get to do it the last time around, and by gum I want to ressurrect it. In short: what do you know about fandoms you otherwise know v, little about, thanks to your LJ friends? In my case:

Star Wars: All Jedi-on-Jedi action, all the time. With occasional mass screams of horror when Yoda decides to get in on the hawt master/appentice action.

Stargate: It's got Richard Dean Anderson. And...um...it's got Richard Dean Anderson? And it's Much Better Than The Movie, which frankly wouldn't be difficult.

Angel: Blah blah blah Lorne blah blah blah Cordelia's baby blah blah blah what the fuck is Spike doing there?

Due South: Hot Mountie. And his loyal wolf. And at least fifteen guys named Ray, one of whom is the Mountie's Heterosexual Lifemate. They fight crime!

- _redpanda_

Read the rest here.
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thebratqueen on the "paint on the nose" shot from Highlander:

All the Highlander vids have it. It doesn't matter if it's a vid that's trying to ship Richie/Joe, I can promise you the paint on the nose shot is in it. It just is. Trust me. Even if the vidder didn't intend to, Premiere apparently inserts the clip after you hit "save". This is why many Highlander vidders attempted to thwart the system by entitling their vids "The Adventures of Blair and Jim" but unfortunately the upgrade for Premiere 6.5 figured out how to adjust for that. I'm told 7.0 will weed out any attempts to pretend that the vids are of Smallville.

Entry here.
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Take me!

From the ever-wonderful dilettantka...

From a post detailing why she's holding out on watching the first ep of Saiyuki Reload until it's been subbed...

I am assuming that Sanzo is still a cranky manbitch, Hakkai is still creepily cheerful, Gojyo is still slapping the little chimpykins around, and little chimpykins <3 wants a snackie. Ano, Kougaiji in white pimp suit??? (Okay probably not a pimp suit *eyes Azrail*)
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sunday in the sunset leaves

courtesy of vongroovy

(A bit of background: lower_tadfield had a kerfluffle this morning. It's still up, if you're really that interested. This was in Jen's personal journal but is related to the whole thing.)
I wouldn't be so amused, but honestly. It's Good Omens fandom. We're a nice little fandom, generally keeping our lawn all trimmed and nice and not secretly dumping all our leaves over the neighbor's fence. This is just silly.
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