October 2nd, 2003

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I know that you are currently weaning your babies and teaching them how to eat solid food, so I understand that right now you are chewing it before you feed it to them. And I really do appreciate the gifts that you find when you sneak outside. The lizard you brought me yesterday was really quite pretty. However, when I woke up this morning with you on my chest, pawing at my mouth and preparing to drop that big half-chewed bug in, I really couldn't help but throw you off the bed. I know how to get my own food, that's what I do for 8 hours every day when I leave you home alone. I'm a grown up cat just like you, Sophie. So I would appreciate if you leave all of my gifts by the door like you've always done, and stick to feeding just your kittens. Thanks much.

From this post by tonyasjournal in note_to_cat

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From my entry here, re: going to hell due to sexy Roman Catholic priest calender. :pets it:

hisgreyeyes: Dude, this is so wrong.
You think there's room in that confessional for me too? (Ah, the lamentations of generations of Irish girls - Father What-a-waste!)

birdsflying: Tell me about it. My convent's chaplin was hot. We all had the biggest crush on him. Hell, I went to catholic mass for him and I'm agnostic (and er, protestant.)

And people wonder where I get my priest kink from. Spending my impressionable years in a Irish catholic convent.

kitsune76: That and the fact that you *are* actually an imp of Satan in human form.

And don't deny it, I've seen your *true* form!

It still comes back to me in nightmares...
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According to research...

Scientists announced today that they know why biscuits break in the packet. Is it any wonder that I can't take science seriously? If you're wondering about their conclusions, I'm afraid I didn't pay attention to the biscuit story, but I'd be willing to hazard a guess that biscuits break because they're made of flour rather than cement.
-- wheeler