October 1st, 2003

[Gen] Dark flowers

Just like Faust

Okay, so there's been a bit of hoopla over GreatestJournal vs. LiveJournal, which prompted to me ask about GJ's origins, to which miss_lis responded:

We all know that GreatestJournal was sponsored by Satan.
There's just no other explanation for it.
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"Wakened by Mom, who was wittering about how there must've been a power failure for a couple of hours because all the clocks said 5:11. Except her clock, which has a battery back-up and saved us from the sin of tardiness. Her theory lost credibility, unfortunately, when I pointed out that the dining-room clock read 5:11 and is entirely battery-powered. A quick call to the Official Bank Clock Time Guy confirmed that it was, in fact, 5:11 and that Mom had changed the time on her own clock rather than setting the alarm. I have a feeling this will be one of those things that we never speak of again."

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"That's my big girl! Who's Gwamma's big girl, huh? Nanananana! Peekaboo!"
From the corner of my eye, I can see the boss' mother, crawling on the floor along with his baby daughter.

I keep waiting for someone to point out the hidden cameras, and tell me I'll get big bucks for being such a good sport when this goes on air. So far, it just isn't happening..."


"Yesterday's lunchtime television choice was Springer. I can only wonder what the caller must think when the phone rings, and I am all too aware of Jerry's smarmy audience bellowing, "Whore! Whore! Whore!" Then again, this is probably not as bad as last week, when we were watching The Matrix. Just as I got on the phone, there was a particularly violent scene. "Is T. there?" the caller asked. "I'm sorry, he's unavailable at the moment," I said, as a round of bullets riccocheted loudly onscreen. It didn't cross my mind til a bit later what the implications of that comment might have been."

-both from adamant_turtle
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