September 29th, 2003


sukinova and herbmcsidhe said

"Of course, as of the last time I listened to the news (Friday, it's been THAT kind of a weekend) Clark had yet to state his opinions on most of the issues that are important to me. But I still don't dismiss him as a possible replacement for the dangerous swill that currently squats at the White House." gypsylady

Then herbmcsidhe Said

Our party is a strange one, to seay the least: French widowed noblewoman (Princess Stephanie di Conti), her Romany servant/bodyguard (Jessinia), her twin nieces (Erica/Eryka Grey) who share a single body (faery curse/split personality), the niece's cousin (Sherrif Doctor Erasmus Grey) from "the Bear Flag Empire of California" (Emperor Norton rules!), his Romany servant/bodyguard (Janoz), the widow's husband's employee/inventor (Dr. "Teddy") who is a good match for Fred MacMurray in the original "Absent Minded Professor", and the African Princess (First Daughter)/Lousiana ex-house slave ("Flossie")/Voudon Priestess multiple personality...I think that's correct, if not, I'm certain one of them will correct me.
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I hear there's a move to rename "French fries" to "imperialist capitalist oppressor fries," which is silly because who's going to call them that? Besides, everyone knows that those things are called "chips."
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Super Heroism

so last night i dreamt i was a super hero and like this huge elephant was running rampid through the city. Freakin i was flying like crazy....but heres the funny thing...i had a cape on...How cool is that?! To be honest with you. i dont know what happened to the elephant. I think he killed everyone while i was admiring my cape.....well off i go...up up and away
~~ sondaydryver

Capes. The entire reason we don't have super heros.

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You know, I just really don't want to see Dumbledore slashed with anyone, like, ever. The thought of him naked makes me want to bleach my brain, sell all my worldly goods, join the Hari Krishnas, and dance around in a saffron robe chanting until I reach a state of transcendence that lifts me to such a higher plane of being that I will literally be unable to contemplate the idea of Dumbledore having sex.


Gothy Draco?

In other non-strange news, I came home to find that my little cousin had taken a permanent black marker and coloured my Draco figurine's hair black.

As much as I love the goth look, especially on Draco, I was not pleased.

Actually, I was downright upset. You do *not* touch the Draco hair.


(Draco being Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series, in case anyone asked)
POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate

I know that feeling...

And I'd write a whole proper honest to goodness journal entry here, but sleep beckons. It doesn't just beckon, actually. Right now it's more or less jumping up and down on the bed waving both arms, a T-shirt with SLEEP on it, and it's clutching a home-made sign with "WILL YOU GO TO BED ALREADY?" lettered on it rather crudely.

Neil Gaiman, courtesy of officialgaiman
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"In other news, I love you all on my Friends List with your beautiful updates and your miserable moments and happy squealings and pointless posts and naughty images and occasional mention of a curious rash we really didn't want to hear about but hey it's cool because you're on the OTHER side of the screen."

-- teabeard


Ponies are horses but short
And ponies are ridden for sport
But cuz they're so tiny
Their whinnies are whiney
And that makes it hard to consort.

Goat milk was once very scary
The udder is freakishly hairy
But after I tried it
I firmly decided
That goat milk is my favorite dairy.

Limericks by archangela