September 28th, 2003

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"Yet another sign that I'm a child of my generation ... I'm sitting here in my room listening to "Jump in the Line," and I keep looking at the door as if a bunch of dead football players and Winona Ryder are going to conga into the room.

Oooo, I definitely can't even begin to afford the amount of psychological help I need. Maybe I can get a scholarship or something."

-the inimitable apocalypsos
Desperada, K: Desperada
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I'd like to dedicate Cheesy Music Sunday to Anne Rice's editor, who no doubt goes home every night, drinks everything in sight, and wishes over and over again that the Goblin King would come and take her away. (Take the editor away, not Anne Rice. Hey, why waste Labyrinth!David Bowie on Anne Rice?)
-- apocalypsos (I tried to resist, I DID)

I honestly don't see why ass-kicking women these days have to come with so much annoying baggage. Princess Leia was a girl, and she kicked ass without all the powers-the-world-must-not-know-about and star-crossed loving and all that shtick. And the only person who made her show her cleavage she strangled.
-- kattahj

Let's just make this the trollprincess quote group, hmmm?

Dear God,

We here at Celestial Cable have noticed by watching the obituaries of our local newspaper that we may have a slight problem on our hands. Considering those famous people who've passed on this year, we checked our records and realized that you've only been getting VH-1 (Maurice Gibb, Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, Barry White), TV Land (Gordon Jump, Buddy Ebsen, John Ritter, Nell Carter), Turner Classic Movies (Donald O'Connor, Katherine Hepburn, Bob Hope, Gregory Peck, Hume Cronyn), HBO (Charles Bronson, Gregory Hines), and PBS (Mr. Rogers).

We apologize profusely and, in an effort to restore some sort of balance to the universe, have left you with only MTV, reality programming, "Street Smarts", and C-SPAN. Also, if Carson Daly is not smited within the next week and a half, you will be receiving the collected works of Anne Rice.

We'd say more, but a very annoyed man with a sickle is standing behind us while we type this.


Celestial Cable

sunday in the sunset leaves


Mum quizzed me on my lack of Geographical knowledge, I proved that I know next to nothing, and she paid me out. So I informed her that I'm NOT a Geography student, and she pointed out that I USED to be, and I told her that we hadn't done the Caribbeans or pirates and if we had maybe I'd still BE a Geography student.
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