September 26th, 2003

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From west_wing_fans

The members are discussing whether or not Rob Lowe can be a character besides Sam Seaborn for his new show, The Lyon's Den.

kirbyk: Sure, I've got a TiVo, so I've decided to at least watch once.

If he can come across as Not Sam Seaborn, it'll be a testament to Rob Lowe's skill as an actor. If he can't, well, I still love Sam Seaborn, so it's not awful. :-)

incipience_liss: YOU SPLIT AN INFINITIVE.


kirbyk: It's okay, it really doesn't hurt them; they're like plants.

(edited to add the actual split infinitive!)
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MIght as well face it...

apocalypsos: Dude, Robert Palmer is dead? Damn. Well, I suppose I shall mourn him today as he would wish -- by wearing a little black dress, putting on a lot of lipstick, and showing about as much emotion as a bottle of nail polish remover.

bmpq: Yeah, I could see you in the outfit...but what instrument would you fake playing all day? I'm thinking an accordion or a kazoo would be best.... (:

apocalypsos: A kazoo is probably right about up to my musical abilities, actually. :) I was kinda hoping for the standing in the background and looking pretty bit. Now, that, I can do.
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¹va·nil·la \(phonetic pronunciation)\ n [NL, fr. Sp vainilla vanilla (plant and fruit), dim. Of vaina sheath, fr. L vagina sheath, vagina] (1662)....

I now see why it was important to acquire a dictionary which featured etymology. oh, yes.

-- madmouth
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Started reading the Bible that came free with the room. Old Testament God is an utter cunt. Also Noah when he spitefully curses Ham out of cuntishness. Bastard Noah. OT!God seems overly obsessive about food - possibly anorexic? And rather bastardish about 'justice'. Am looking forward to the second book, which I hear is nicer despite mad lapses in characterisation from the first book. Have alas been spoilered so I know that



He dies in the end, but then comes back for a bit like in Buffy.

You know, many a paper has been written by BNFs in the genre on OT!God vs NT!God. I agree with you - the characterisation is lousy and (SPOILER) what the hell is with all the those POV's in the NT? I mean, multiple POVs be a great writing tool, but not if you're going to go over exactly the same event from every perspective from the janitor upwards.

If you really get into this whole 'Bible-craze' thing, there's probably a weekly convention near where you live - they tend to to a reading each week, with a short analysis. Just be careful - the Rabid!Fans can have a really pronounced 'Holier Than Thou' attitude.
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I understand people who subvocalize when they read. I even understand people who make little comments to themselves about the reading as they go through a text. But now I'm confronted with a group of people who are always in here during seventh period, scattered throughout the library, who have mastered the combination of grunting and whimpering like a wounded animal! So the soundtrack to my work is now:

*UNGH wuh wuh UNGH UNGH wuh wuh wuh.* Pause. *UNGH wuh wuh UNGH wuh wuh wuh UNGH UNGH wuh.*

I can only hope they're not singing along to a piece playing in their head, because -- well, it wouldn't be more annoying. I'd just feel very sorry for them.

(Note: I tried to be more understanding. It worked. For a minute.)

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I have purchased, along with a friend of mine, a life-sized cardboard cutout of Legolas.

This is the geekiest thing I have ever done. Tomorrow, we are going to get out the digital camera and have a video adventure with him. You know, skipping in wildflowers, wearing funny hats, playing video games, driving...

I'd say I need to get out more, but I was out when I got it. Maybe I should never leave my room.

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In other news, a discovery of the copy of the kama sutra has brought the extra curricular activities of my oh so posable batman and superman dolls to new heights. If this is wrong, I don't want to be right I am so screwed.

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