September 23rd, 2003

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In reference to this (

caffeine_buzz: Sailor Atmosphere? What's next, Sailor Lithosphere and Sailor Hydrosphere?

lunarkitten: We now have the atmosphere senshi! Sailor Lithosphere, Sailor Hydrosphere and Sailor Stratosphere all come together to form Sailor Atmosphere, and fight incoming objects entering the earth!

*meteor appears*

Girls: Lithosphere/Hydrosphere/Stratosphere Power Make-Up! We'll use our powers to create Sailor Atmosphere and save the earth!

*Captain Planet ripoff follows, meteor is blown into smithereens*

The day is saved!

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grr, livejournal. i would really prefer if you DIDN'T fuck me up the ass with a big stick. or is this a paid account privilege? this along with denying me email! all orifices are currently filled. please try again later.



Verily the heavens are raining down with, well, rain and stuff. I'm not saying it's overly wet outside but I just saw a blue whale go by and I'm on the second floor. Also there was this guy who just called to ask me how many feet in a cubit. You draw your own conclusions. -- thebratqueen
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what a gyp

I finally drifted off. With the One Ring on my finger.

Did me no good; I can't even cover the land with a second vague cloudiness, let alone full darkness. I am not all powerful. All do not love me and despair. Fan fiction is wrong, as I do not have either Boromir or Aragorn as my love slave.

Although on the good side, even though I didn't get enough sleep; I'm not a large flaming eyeball.

- telesilla here