September 22nd, 2003

gay viking holiday


evilprodigy: If you get this text message, answer this question. Why do I keep seeing slash in everything I look at? It would be preferable if you used the buzzwords 'bananas', 'disembowelment', and 'Pixi Stix'.
corialis: Because slash follows you around like an evil gremlin on Pixi Stix. Impossible to escape, even when said characters are threatening each other with disembowelment (it's just UST!), and smelling of bananas.
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Urgent means that I absolutely have to read and respond to the email within the next three seconds, or the skies will fall and the seas will rise and supervolcanoes and hurricanes and tornadoes sweep the lands and the tortured cries of a thousand million damned souls fill the blackened sky and the world ends and humanity is wiped out and darkness reigns supreme. While kittens die.

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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

On the first day...

...and Lo the DSA looked at G_D and said: "On this, the First Day of the Do-Nothing-Vacation-Week, O Lord, what shall we do?"
And G_D said in return: "Thou shalt do Housework."


Then did the DSA did look to the carpeting, strewn with the Sacred Grains Of Kitty Litter. And the DSA looked once again at G_d and said unto Him: "..."
And G_d did make His Do Not Make Me Smite You face.


And the DSA looked at G_d and asked: "Why the hell do I listen to you?"

For the entire story, go here.
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