September 20th, 2003

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*peeks in* Hi! I'm new. Sort of.

"What I want to know is, when did Talk Like A Pirate Day become so commercialized? It used to be authentic, sincere; it used to mean something. I remember how I looked forward to it every year as a small child: lining up in the town square to choose my first tattoo, playing Dunk the Monk, frolicking merrily with the rats on the docks as we waited for sunset, and fireworks, and the annual Auction of the Virgins." --ralenu, who kicks so very much ass. The lament in its entirety is here.
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sunday in the sunset leaves

vongroovy strikes again...

Talking like a pirate has been generally done every day since I can remember, so we made it more interesting and had Talk Like An Entish Pirate Day.

Aye, ye scurvy burárum, there be Entish Pirates in these parts, and any who get too hasty around us will be keelhauled in the Onodló.

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By shoori:

I think I am going to go with my friend while she gets a tattoo today. If she can find a babysitter, that is.

Is there something wrong with the previous two sentences going together? It just seems odd...

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Don't mind me. I like to grab expected plotpoints by the ankles, flip 'em upside down, and shake 'em until loose change falls out of their pockets. You haven't seen screwing with canon until you've seen me gleefully rodger the sonofabitch on top of the salad bar in full view of everybody at Burger King while yodeling the theme to "The Gummi Bears."

-- apocalypsos (who else?)
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Another 'Pirates Speak Day' quote. =)

I really feel like posting something, but cannot be stuffed witty right now so I'll let deadspiders do it for me.

"I've discovered that I cannot read Jack/Bootstrap slash because to me, "Bill" will always be the pony from 'Lord of the Rings'. And once you cross that line, you realise there's also a parrot and rotting monkey in PoTC that are now fair game, and it's all horribly downhill from there. "