September 19th, 2003


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Maybe i'm just resonating to this kind of thing these days, but i thought this was good.


i wrote this a while back

alone and on your own, an exciting mix between fear and freedom the two Fs that can lead you to fulfill all your fantasies or fail, fall and fatigue. Why at such a young age is the rest of your life put on your shoulders, at a time when you should be gaining experience and wisdom you are asked to put on your game face and get with it. when you want nothing more then to relax and learn at your own pace the world is dropped on you. some manage and some dont but what are these times for. are we to try to resurrect the carefree days of high school were the punishment involved phone privileges or should we strap on our power ties and suits and enter into the world of the grey clad mindless 9 to 5 drones spending there lives trying to make it into the weekend. Me? personally i would like to find my own stance. i dont want to be categorized, placed in groups to be divided and lumped scrutinized and analyzed i do enough canalization for the both of us so remember love costs but sex is free we are the class of 2003 ride to the office on your long board where flops with your suit and most of all smile through the hard times cause if you dont who will


Memo to all those people on the news, local or national, standing out on the beach struggling to remain upright and talking about how "intense" it is:

-- anxietygrrl
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I have looked but can't seem to find this quote again... so I'm afraid I don't know who said it, but it was somebody on marysues, discussing a particularly atrocious 'LOTR characters in Highschool' fic:

I have a hard time believing Eowyn would pass out from beer. I'll bet she regularly drinks Faramir under the table and then ties him to the bed to have her wicked way with him.
penguin say tea?, Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF)

*cracks up*

"Oh, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, isn't it? Erm ... 'Hey, you should hear the cool shit I downloaded last night! The RIAA can kiss my ass! Wooo!' Wait, that's not right."
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you can always count on cmpriest for a good morning ARRRRR and a laugh:

avast, me hearties!

welcome me hearties and lasses, to my first annual celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day! so ahoy and gangway, and all that other privateer lingo. it's time to sit back, grab a frosty grog and read 'till your eyes bleed. [warning: as previewed last week, this post will feature a heavy dose of Matey-Vision™ for your viewing pleasure (or at least your temporary aesthetic irritation). and now, without further avast or adieu i bring to you...]

Ways in Which Pirate Talk Could Be Applied to Enhance Our Daily Lives

(A). Pop Music
as many of you are aware, male pop musicians tend to be a tad "sissy" (if you'll pardon the expression). their ultimate goal, after all, is to find themselves earning residuals on the easy-listening stations of tomorrow, so it doesn't pay for them to be terribly aggressive. take for example, former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake. he shaved his head, acquired some back-up dancers, and climbed into a pair of midget-smuggling pants...yet he is no more masculine now than when he sported a certain hat bearing the internationally-recognized sign of "Mickey." HOWEVER. let's tweak some of his lyrics with a little pirate lingo and see what happens:

"No disrespect and i don't mean no harm,
I can't wait to have you in my arms
so hurry up because you're taking too long...
(talk to me, boy)*"

turns into:

"Well blow me down, you sassy lass,
I can't wait to rip yer bodice,
and hoist you up by me own pitard
(I'll be yer wench, ARRRG)."

(B). Ad Copy
when writing up baby stuff, i get sick to death of words like, "Charming," "Adorable," "Comfortable," "Cozy" and "Cute." just imagine how much more interesting my job would be if i could describe a play pen as a portable brig for your little bilge rat--or better yet, if i could refer to a changing table as the Poop Deck.

(C). Interpersonal Relations
a few days ago i made a lengthy complaint about scurvy Short-Dong Silvers and their lame lubber sexual approach tactics. a simple "no, and please leave me the hell alone" carries much more weight when augmented with threats including the phrases "keel haul" and "mast-blaster"--especially if you grimace, growl, and throw in an AAARRRRGGG or two. they'll be charging the plank just to get away from you.

* * * * *

of course, i can't talk like a pirate all day, for i have plans to meet up with the Matt Pack to go see Underworld tonight. here on this blog i've already made the mistake of addressing Redneck Vampire Haiku, and let me just state that THIS BLOG HAS LEARNED ITS LESSON. i will NOT solicit any Pirate Vampire Haiku on this page, or else my name's not Bonny Wench Cherie.**

happy TLAPD, mateys.


* presumably this bit is sung by a member of the opposing gender, but it's hard to be certain.
** go on. post. you know you wanna.
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I just walked into my room and found [my cat] Chrissy sound asleep on my bed, with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

I think she was grooming herself, which she does for a mere 8 hours a day, and exhausted herself and fell asleep in mid groom.

Poor thing. When she wakes up, her tongue is going to feel like shoe leather.

I could wake her, I mean as a caring, concerned pet owner, that seems like the best thing to do.

But I won't.

-- darqstar


Now, I'm easy prey for anyone with their hair out of place (no, no, it's not messy and frizzy, it's wild gypsy hair - with the free spirit and an independent mind in every follicle)..."

From littleloonlost's West Wing entry here.
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Yep, definitely over.

"What really confuses me is that the people who are 'talking like pirates' are in fact talking nothing like actual pirates. Perhaps it should be called International Talk Like An Actor In A Bad Pirate Movie Day. Or possibly International Talk Like Popeye Day, because Popeye does in fact talk like that, except that nobody is saying 'yig-gig-gig-gig-gig' or 'I is disgustipated' or 'Gorsh.'" -- mightygodking
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like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me dowwwwnnnnn...

touchthesky is a Clay Aiken fan; her husband not quite so. This was from their morning drive to work :

A snippet of conversation from this morning's drive to work. This was as we were going over the Whitestone Bridge:

Me: Wow, the water down there looks really rough.
The Husband: So what you're telling me then is that this is a Bridge Over Troubled Waters?
Me: *groans*
The Husband: Oh yes, I will lay me down.
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And she's right, too.

(To make a technical story less technical) eventually I discovered that the key to a successful Windows install is to boot twice from the Setup disk while standing on one foot and chanting, "Ia! Ia! Chthulhu fhtagn!"

--courtesy of camryl