September 18th, 2003

domino--by chuchan

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OK, I'm rather new with the tags and all...but I couldn't resist posting this.

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Saw this in Notre Dame


as i was looking at a statue of father sorin today, i realized that he looks quite a bit like sauron, from lord of the rings, what with the big beard and gangliness. then i realized that his name sounds frighteningly similar to the evil wizard's. then, i noticed that the particular statue i was looking at was sorin holding a model of the bascilica, which bore an uncanny resemblance to one of the two towers from the new movie. i could probably think of more similarities if i tried, but is anyone finding this freaky?
the light


"Oh, and the aggressive moose is still in the "area," apparently. That sign on the door, CAUTION! AGGRESSIVE MOOSE. DO NOT USE THE AREA, is pretty Machiavellian if you think on it. I mean, if we don't know which "area" to be afraid of, then we will be forced to be afraid in all of them, a whole campus suffering from free-floating moose anxiety (now, that's and image!), and hence, we won't be plotting the overthrow of. . . of. . . well, somebody who needs overthrowing. Y'know?"

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