September 17th, 2003

the shep! the hair!
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Pirates eat cake. Pirates do not use Matlab. No! They do not eat cake. Cake is for the land. Pirates smash things, including cake. They cannot smash their cake and eat it too. As for matlab, I do not know.

It continues here.

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Marco is the cute Hispanic one, and he was in a JAG episode. He was the guy Harm was defending who got trapped under...*tries to remember* ...something big, and it was flooding, and wow, that was not a helpful episode recap. *g*

-- celli (here)
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I am in love. The kind of deep meaningful relationship that only happens between those destined to be together. His name is Miles. And he's not exactly brand new, but he's new to me. And it is making my life infinately richer and more varied.

I'm talking of course, about the new TIVO.

[Gen] Dark flowers

Never settle for mediocrity

*sigh* My father is currently waging war against Time-Warner cable. . . again.

No, they have not screwed up his account. No they have had channel outages or any reception problems on his digital cable. The source of the problem?

He's not happy with their pay-per-view porn.

sunday in the sunset leaves

XD had a brief period of availablility the other day. I checked. I saw it. I tried to register it, but some bastard got it first. Bastardly bastardly bastards of bastard parentage. seems to redirect to ebay now. Further uncharted genealogy. Damnation all around.
--charisntma, on the perils of re-registering expired domains. (Locked post, quoted with permission.)
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