September 16th, 2003

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From the journal of hamadryad:

[Smeghead] Any port in a storm
[goonhead] my storm has a USB port
[Smeghead] I hear Isabelle is Firewire-enabled
[goonhead] Isabelle achieves high download speed, but only by destroying the computer in the process :)

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Kudos to the man who tried to cut down David Blaine's box.

I mean, that's just stupid.

Any normal person would have sawn a hole in the bottom of it while he slept so he'd fall out.

It's more stupid, but it's funnier.
-- sparkyred
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deadspiders about "Pirates of the Carribean":

They used the expression "Davy Jones' locker" at least twice in that movie. Each time, I pictured a slashy locker room scene with some pervert called Davy Jones. The other pirates would scream and cower, "No, please, not the locker! I can't face no more wet towel-snaps!" Then there'd be the weird one, probably Jack Sparrow, who'd intentionally get the captain riled up just so he'd be sent to the locker... One day, I'm going to write a Disney film.
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Study Much?

You gotta love Science Television...

from the amusing journal of darqstar

Thank you Science channel

I'm really glad you're doing a special about dinosaurs. What really made the special was watching you use the ass end of a dog as a demonstration about how dinosaurs fight. Interesting touch, using a real dog. It made my afternoon to watch a dog's crank leaping and hopping about. And that dog had nothing to be ashamed of.

Now I feel like a total pervert. I appreciate that.
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From the journal of redstapler:

I got lifeishonor hooked on Snape!

Ha ha!

This is her away message this morning:
Snape is SO FUCKING COOL! SO COOL! He's so awesome that I hate him. The envy is killing me. I wish I rocked that hard. I think I am going to start wearing all black, just so I can be like him. Shit, the awesomeness is completely overwhelming me... I can't take it... AHHHHHH! *flips out like a ninja* *flips out harder* *goes completely and utterly insane*

In fact, I plan to be him for Halloween.

I am eeeevil..."

Y'gotta love fanboys.
Desperada, K: Desperada
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um, there is the Largest Hurricane Ever blowing through my area in the whereabouts of Thursday, so if I suddenly go sailing off into the distance, please remember me fondly. the wild blue yonder does not have internet access, I am afraid :(

-- cheeriomonkey