September 12th, 2003

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I don't know how many of you will get ANY of this...

...but sometimes the real fun of a deathly serious RPG chat is all the behind-the-scenes bullshit. ;) Samples from the link:

Eomer: *holds Legolas up and looks at him in in confusion then at Aragorn*
EomerMun: [silent Eomer. like Silent Bob]

Aragorn (to Viggo Mortensen): You could pass for the heir of Isildur. I would not simply ride into Gondor with no warning. Can you imagine how they would see that?
EomerMun: ["Oh, see, with this magical application of soap we're safe from all mix-ups..."]
ImrahilMun: (*snort*)
ViggoMun: [*DIES*]
AragornMun: [*thump*]

EDIT: And hey, while I'm at it, go here. :)
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FH - abbey road

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anniesj on the approach of Hurricane Isabel:

Yes, my friends, it's that time again, when the local news gets out the sensationalist graphics and tries to scare the living fuck out of everyone in the area! Hooray! So last night, our local weatherman showed us two scenarios for what could happen with Isabel's projected path:

BILL WALSH: So first, we'll show you the best case scenario. See how this ridge weakens enough for Isabel to move north and out to sea?
(Cue pretty, serene little hurricane model as it spins harmlessly out to sea, and children laugh in the background while Jesus sings them happy songs and cures cancer.)
BILL WALSH: And nows, here's the worst-case scenario.
(Evil fucking Satanic laughter bellows while a choir sings "O Fortuna" and flames lick the edge of the screen while Isabel, black with the souls of a thousand million dead babies, slams directly into Charleston. Repeatedly. While your mother dies.)
BILL WALSH: Let's watch that again, shall we?
(Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)
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Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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I have been compared to Brian Kinney. I suddenly realised that I have no idea who that person is, or why he and I are comparable. I sit with the vague, sick hope that he's some impossibly successful playboy with a bevy of willing women who are attracted to acts of wanton and desperate depravity.

I have a feeling it's more likely some twisted introvert with a wall covered in torn out magazine photos of Tara Reid, held up by that blue sticky-tac and scrawling writing in red pen that hints about 'how she'll come to her senses eventually' and 'don't make my knife love you, baby.'

-- dexfarkin
tea addict

Oh "Anonymous", my ass... ;-)

kikimariposa's little brother replies to her here:

"So..let me get this straight........not ONLY am i conected to Chicago mobsters, but also Royal Knights? How kick Ass is that! i'm like the bad boy of the good guys... or the good guy of the bad boys... either way i rock and should have a movie made of me!"


Oh, just give The Spawn a code already, Kiks! ;-)
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