September 9th, 2003

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hisgreyeyes: If a vampire bit a werewolf, would the werewolf suddenly become doubly-undead? What about if a werewolf bit a vampire? Would the vampire become a really hairy bat once a month? Or would the different occult influences cancel each other out?

cocoajava:I think they -both- become insurance agents.

Eww. Now I have a mental image.

Every time I read the word "frottage", I think of cottage cheese. I'll be reading some story, they'll be rubbing against each other and all I can think is that they're going mushy and rotten where I can't see, that the characters are curdling inside their clothes, and after the story's over both of them will drip out of sleeves and past trouser cuffs, and then get sopped up by paper towels and thrown away. -- hetrez
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today at jamba juice, while i was waiting for my strawberry tsunami, one of the young, male employees yelled to the other young female employees that he was going outside to look at the porsche parked in front of the store.

they couldn't hear what he had said over the whir of the blenders so i repeated it to them. he walked back in like he was star-struck. his co-worker looked at the car from the window and said flatly, "it's alright."

he looked at me and said "she thinks a turbo charged porsche is just alright."

she handed me my smoothie and i smirked, "men with small penises usually lust over such cars."

she looked at me and asked me to repeat myself, which i did.

"i've dated a few men with porsches," i laughed.

the male employee cowered in the corner.

i smiled at him, "you're young, you'll grow out of it."

and with that i walked out.
sometimes i just can't help myself when the opportunity for shock value presents itself.

-- mangopuppy
you suck too

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An anonymous poster on DL_anon:

How the hell can you go *back* into the closet? Is it like, "Oh, wait, I left my reading glasses in there" or what? Or is it more like when you're only married in Vegas? "Oh, no, it's okay; I'm only gay in Britain."

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the other day, a stranger walked by while i was saying, "ew, no, not wild sex! friendly sex!" the same thing happened today while i was talking about "scary sex." and it occurred to me that i really need to stop discussing the sex loves of fictional characters. at least while i'm in public places.
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Twinkle twinkle little 'net
How I wonder where you went...
Up above my reach so high,
Like an Error 404, why?
Twinkle twinkle little 'net,
Gimme My Email and AIM and Web Dammit Or I'll Rip Your Friggin Throat Out I'm Serious You Sorry Excuse For Technology.
La La La La La La Laaaaaaaa.

*polite curtsey*

(See you all tomorrorow, off to read a book cause books do not CRASH. Much.)

-- cocoajava