September 8th, 2003


Where all the power in the Universe is concentrated...

envoy's been cooking again.

Now, I'm certain that most people who cook are going 'duh' at this point, because those are all things that normally go with Chicken. Thing is, I knew that too one some level, but I'd never just kind of looked at it in aggregate like that, it's a way-envoy-is-wired thing, I notice things on different levels, seeing all those recipies at once and clicking on the patterns that they shared engaged a part of my brain that hadn't yet latched on to that part of my (for lack of a less pretentious method of naming) internal memetic scheme.

Or put another way, I generated an internal chicken nexus.
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With permission from phantasmrose, I quote:

"You know what I wonder? I wonder if all those people writing the Star Wars EU books sit down and think "Gee, would such-and-such character REALLY do this?", or do they just go for it and make them do whateverthefuck they think is cool, or needs to be done to further their stupid plots? Because I'm skimming through a few older EU books, and I really have to wonder what crack some of these people are on. I mean, who would honestly believe Luke Skywalker would suggest sending small children off to the middle of nowhere, away from their parents, to be safe from spoOoOOoOooOoky dark forces that might be after them? I don't. I think that's BS, and it's out of character for Luke. It's also EXTREMELY out of character for Leia to actually GO ALONG with it. The Leia I know from the movies would have said "Luke, I like you a lot and respect your whacked out powers, but you need to shut the hell up and let me raise my own kids." And then Han would have nodded emphatically.

Gaaahh. Die, EU, die."
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About a stupid movie reviewer confused by anime plotlines...

If you're an English-speaking adult watching Princess Mononoke dubbed in English, the only way you can possibly get lost in the plot is if you spend 3/4 of the movie snorting coke in the bathroom. Angel Sanctuary? The [reviewer] spent most of the hour and a half trying to self-fellate, is my guess. Since he managed to not see ten or so of the key scenes. "WTF? Who is this guy? He's dying already? He wasn't here before! Except when he was. If I could just bend a liiiiiittle further...hey, why's that chick all bloody?"

-- jusheureux
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I love Chesh...

From whiski_sour's post.

whiski_sour: I kidnapped this meme from chash. I said, "Hullo, little meme. Would you like to see my Legolas action figure?" And, because this meme is such the Orlando Bloom fanmeme, it said, "*squee!* Yes!" And, so I took it home. But, little did it know that I don't have a Legolas action figure. This meme had to learn the hard way that I'm not to be trusted.

poor_choices: Damn, you're getting wilier. Now I need to figure out some new and more devious way to get your memes away from you!

...Legolas action figure? *perks up*

[2] Dominic Monaghan
OMG U R SOOO OBVIUS! ur jsut part of dl_arse bcuz u wnt 2 sleep with Dominic Monaghan! You damn teeny-bopper, homophobic slash monkey!!9

whiski_sour: I am just too damned crafty for my own good, ya know?

Oh yes. Legolas action figure. Would you like to come to my house and see it? *rubs hands in wicked glee*

Well, we should just break out the cooking utensils and introduce them to each other because I see from your own meme answers, in regards to the guys you want to sleep with, you put...

[4] Orlando Bloom
[5] Billy Boyd

So! It seems to me that YOUR'RE just in dl_anon because you want to sleep with THEM! Well, I've got news for ya, you homocidal brianna...they ain't gonna fuck you. Neener.

BTW...Should we be having this much fun with this?
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An Open Letter to the World

Dear World,

First off, kudos as usual for an unprecedented 10,000th year of society. You guys never cease to amaze me. I can't count the number of times you've saved me the trouble of inventing my own steam engine or milking my own cows.

Onto more important issues. I realize that Madonna kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Now, I can certainly understand why you would find this rather shocking. However, it's been about week or so, and I think it's high time you got on with your lives. If you're interested in seeing moderately beautiful women kissing, I'd like to introduce you to a concept known as "softcore pornography." You see, in this media, there are moderately beautiful women kissing all the time. In fact, they frequently aren't wearing clothes. I'm certain that after observing some of this artform, you'll be able to put Madonna, Britney, and Christina behind you once and for all.

Also, you'll quit annoying the hell out of me, and I'd appreciate it.

Your pal,
Jim Smith (jim_smith)
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