September 7th, 2003

waiting for godot

And you thought YOUR family was weird

From an entry that nearly sent me to the floor laughing:
My cousin Trina used to say that if this family had lots and lots of money, we'd have to apply for federal status -- that or declare war on the Philippine government before George Bush pre-empts them. Only the women, she added, would have to run things because the males in the family are tactical idiots. For instance, this other uncle of mine, who's a honking one-man drug syndicate, used to shoot fireworks up in the sky to summon his lackeys (my cousins) to their literally crack Sabbats. The police eventually got wind of this (or perhaps they knew that they could only pretend not to notice it for so long >_>). So the next time they saw impromptu fireworks exploding in the sky -- really pretty white-gold ones, I remember -- they paid their bill in my aunt's panciteria and went off to raid my uncle's house. He's out of jail now and as regrettably ditzy as ever. He's stopped the fireworks, but he's taken to going round the place in a small owner-type jeepney, blaring Mass notices and invitations to 'open parties' at his house on his loudspeaker.
By the ever-interesting team7.
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Keanu and the Hellblazer movie. Not happy, Jan. Mainly because to me it's like getting Steve Irwin to play Captain America, and then setting the whole thing in outback Queensland because Steve doesn't do a convincing American accent. Being a cynical British magician with the psychic equivalent of a "Kick Me" sign on his back is what the Constantine character is, and if you change that, then you don't have Constantine, you have a completely different character who happens to have the same name.

Much like with the whole Steve Irwin as Captain America analogy.

"Crikey, me shield!"

Have no idea who John Constantine is but ... great mental image!