September 6th, 2003

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emberflowers on tws_support posted a link to The Vulva Puppet Shop (I do recommend checking out that link by the way... it's funny as all hell). The following comments were made:

torsui: and they all have NAMES....
emberflowers: Gee! Doesn't YOURS?

tvoikh: I read this: the door of the goddess ...and just about died laughing.

banal_o_rama: $300?! I'd be better off just teaching mine to talk. Sit up, girl! Shake! Say "Boner!"

eljuno: The best thing is that QUITE a few of these are named after Goddesses to put this...I wouldn't want the attention of? Or ones who...wouldn't exactly be overjoyed by this. (Case in point... "Athena". 'Nuff said.)
banal_o_rama: Is there a Kali puppet? I demand to see the Vulva of Destruction!

banal_o_rama: Adults seeking a deeper intimacy with their partners, use a Wondrous Vulva puppet to lighten the mood during conversations about sex. $300 still seems a bit dear for something that you can simulate for free if your hands are flexible enough. Plus, you can draw googly eyes onto your hand!

kwobtchan: Even as an aesthetititian lesbian, I have to say, I would NEVER pay that much for a pussy. Not even one made of crushed velvet.
sarahtheboring: On the bright side, Crushed Velvet Pussy would make a great band name. XD
kwobtchan: Hmm... it would, wouldn't it <3?
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