September 5th, 2003

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On people making a fuss over so-called Return of the King "spoilers" in the form of icons and such:

Please don't expect the rest of the world to enter into a codependent relationship with you and your sense of entitlement.

- mirabellawotr

Check out the entire rant here; it's snark as an artform.

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On potential romantic relationships for Harry post-Order of the Phoenix:

I think Harry is canonically interested in having a nice lie-down, a big foamy glass of butterbeer, and some thermonuclear weapons.

- acadine, responding to this post.
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For the angry fan on the go! Now you can let people know what you really think of them, in mere minutes! No more scrabbling for the perfect adjective to fling at the target of choice! (Note: The creator of the Kerfluffle-o-Matic holds no responsibility for any flames incurred because of use.)

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- raskazzptitsa (this post may or may not be friends only now; permission was given to post here)
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Hello Kitty pumpkin-shalowater

we're cute like that

from mz_bstone:

And the treat to look forward to? I've been promised a lunch at my favourite restaurant, where I can load up on a vegetarian meal. And Loki can add seafood to his. Though ... if he waggles squid legs out of his mouth and intones "I am Cthulu" like he did the last time, I make no guarantees my water won't go out my nose at warp speed.

That, or make Zoidberg impressions...that could be funny too. :)
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