September 3rd, 2003

the shep! the hair!
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ketsugi|Xenosaga> drugs are bad!
Heather-Sleep> except for viagra because it makes peniseseses grow and then women are like 'ooh!' and men are strutting around like, er, big cocks and then there's lotsa sex where the woman's vagina is like 'Yay! Cock!' and the guy's penis is like 'oh ho ho! I am big! rar!' and there's lotsa grunting and sweatiness and then there's the 'HNNHH!' and then they're like 'fuck! condoms! ack!' and then they end up on welfare because they have 2.3 children. -eternalfire
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I look forward to the future permutations of the Boy Meets Boy premise that they will no doubt invent. "Bob, one of the remaining women is a lesbian. Yes, really. No, a real lesbian. I know she has long hair and is wearing a dress. No, Bob, you can't convert her. She won't let you watch. No, she's really not just waiting for you. Bob, have you ever met a lesbian?" Wouldn't that be a good show? Or not.