August 30th, 2003

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You know when stars bitch a moan about travelling and you go "shut up, you complete WHORE! I work at Denny's! I will shoot you if you don't quit complaining!"? Well, working at Denny's is still worse than travelling, but when you travel so much your house looks like a broken-up tailor after a hurricane, because you haven't been able to sweep or put clothes up for months and months, you kind of sympathize with those idiot celebs. EXCEPT the part where they have maids. Ok, back to hating them.

- ethrosdemon
writing ewan, and then they done sex

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queenofhell from the friendsfriends...

The subject line of an email I just received? 'I'm Looking To Get Fucked In My Ass Tonight'. Amazingly specific, this girl is. Not just in any old ass, her ass. Also love how its all capitalized.

Seriously man, thats the funniest shit. I'm sure its just random spam, but fuck. Thats hilarious. The poor girl must be disappointed, though--the email's from the 15th and I just now got it. And she was really looking forward to getting fucked in her ass that night, too.

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