August 26th, 2003


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This whole thread is insane. I mean sure, at the beginning, it just looks like innocent platonic affection, but then when the herpes and hooch get involved? WATCH OUT.

And from the journal of one of the involved parties:
zap_rousdar: I am the most amusing person I know. :D :D :D

Modest little bint.

This is pretty amusing too, I think. But I might be biased. And very sleepy. ;)
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one - original (doctor who)


From armanininja, in antievolution - a place for people who can't stand that crime against mutanity called X-Men: Evolution.

I joined this community to show support to the REAL X-Men. Those tried and true champions we all know and love.

So, in their innocence and defense, I say the following:

Fuck the hype.
Fuck the commercialism.
Fuck the rip-offs.
Fuck the toylines and franchises.
Fuck the Hot Topic Rogue.
Fuck the Schmoo-looking Magneto.
Fuck the stupidity in which Toad steals a fucking wallet and Scott sets off a Propane tank.

And more importantly:

Fuck X-Men Evolution. Hard. With a Nine Iron.

This has been brought to by a very wounded and pissed-off Nightcrawler fangirl.

Have a good night.

*bows and exits, stage left*
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Wow Neat

Again with the never-ending RPS debate...

Pardon my ignorance, of course, but does [Ginmar] have any complaints about the possible writing of RP het? I mean, if our major concern here is the poor celebrity and potential damage to their career, then I really think we ought to consider any possible repercussions to someone writing Tom Cruise/Julia Roberts.

Just think of how it would hurt Tom's image if people were to think he was straight.

-- sexonastick

parlance: She's using the "playing God with someone's life" argument. I never knew I had such power.

fxh : Damn. If writing RPS equals control over someone's life, I am so throwing my nonexistent morals to the wind and writing a Sean Bean/Me fanfic! :D

phosfate: Paul McCartney produced a fountain pen from his jacket pocket and opened his checkbook. 'Now,' he said, 'Shall I make this to 'Ann Larimer' or just to "cash?" And are you sure five million is enough?'
the shep! the hair!
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Damn you Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir to the throne of Gondor, stop looking at me like that. I know TTT finally came out in my country today, but I can't buy you and take you home. Yes, yes, you are quite a pretty man. Many of your co-stars are, too. I can see this, although it doesn't really get you anywhere with me. I know, yes, it's a good movie you're in too. I still can't afford you. Stop it. Stop looking at me like that, damn you.

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Porn Title of the day: Runaway Butts

I remember when my butt ran away. I was seven, and I had gotten it for Christmas. It was so cute, and I would spend all my time hugging it and dressing it up and putting it in a baby stroller. Sadly, I left the cage open one day and it ran away. Later I found out it got hit by a truck. I was so sad, until my mom bought me an inner thigh. I named it pookie.

mia_d on the heartbreak of the posterior region.

on action figures...

Uh Oh.. I knew my Joey Ramone and my Marilyn Manson would get into a catchy-chorus fight.
Marilyn: Be! Obscene! Be be Obscene!
Joey: Hey! Ho! Let's go! Hey! Ho!
Joey wins. He is older and wiser, if not more sagely. Plus, he's about three inches bigger than Marilyn.

- tzarohell
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Today I almost made a very cute drama major cry with my Mad Parking Skillz. Dammit, they don't pay me enough to have parking guilt! :o( However, two guys tried to fool me with the old-tickets-on-the-windshield trick, and I towed them both with glee. Mwah hah hah!!! That'll teach 'em to start shit in my lot when I'm wielding the Ticketing Thingy of Doom.