August 25th, 2003

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why RPing is evil...

Many quotes, but all on the same subject, so eh...

kitanotjames: Dude, am I talking to myself now??
notkitanotjames: Don't look at me. I'm just as confused as you are.
kita0610: Actually, you're EXACTLY as confused as I am,'re
theantikita: Huh. Funny that. I guess I am you.

*ponders for a moment*

Did you... I... we...


Was this going somewhere?
kita0610: Yea. In a handbasket, even.

"That noise you hear? Is fandom disappearing up it's own ass." ~ kita0610

"Theirloveissonolongervisuallymanipulatedwithphotoshop!" ~ kita0610
"Theirloveisfilledwithhotvampiresexuntilspikerunsoffwithconnor" ~ vylit

"I just accused myself of plagiarizing from myself and threatened to sue myself while plagiarizing myself in the process." ~ anniesj

"I am still here. I still exist. Or do I? Am I actually mr_prezimident now? Or have I transformed into lessthanjoss? Who am I? Is this actually sonotanniesj posting? Is sonotanniesj turning into me? Have I turned into sonotanniesj? Are we the same person now?" ~ anniesj
"Hey, you exist in multiple dimensions. I don't think I even exist anymore at all. I've given away little pieces of my personality and now there's nothing left of me but uncirce_tigana. I'm looking up pictures of Depp. I'm researching the movies he's been in. I don't do that!" ~ swmbo as uncirce_tigana
"Darn it all to heck and back! And I meant to post that as the real me.

So that's just proof, UnCirce probably really exists and I'm just the figment." ~ swmbo
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"I feel so used. Here he stumbles home late after drinking too much, he wakes me up for some entertainment, finishes much too early and falls asleep leaving me to finish alone, and to top it all of he makes me sleep in the wet spot.

Typical Man. "

Too true, too true.
Except it was said by iamgerg, who according to some is a large, blond Canadian man.
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Me at work - mine

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Being a "friend" of apocalypsos has it's perks.

And thinking about it, it'd probably end up that "friends list envy" is the unofficial "penis envy" of LiveJournal.

Me: I have a hundred and forty on my friends list.
Anonymous LJ Stranger: Oh, yeah? Well, I've got two hundred on my friends list. *raspberry*
Me: *genuinely confused* How do you have sex with your friends list when it gets up to 200?
ALjS: *also genuinely confused* You have sex with your friends list?!
Me: You don't?!
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