August 22nd, 2003

Necropolis bracelets

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On the joke "Why can't Helen Keller drive? Because she's a woman!"
"I'm a good driver. But that's only because i'm a lesbian."

On X-Men:
"yeah, well i like it because of the parallels. the gay parallels. they're like lines, you know, parallel lines, but with a rainbow gradient on them. because they're just that gay."

- rk624
the shep! the hair!
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found via a journalfen friend's evil livejournal friendspage

whoever says home ownership is awesome hasn't owned a home. or they had money while they were home owning. or they had midget slaves to do their bidding. they could say, "midget! bring me my soup!" then a midget would bring them soup and it would be awesome. and then the other midgets would paint their bathroom for them. and any left over midget-slaves would take all their crap on the back porch to the dump. and they'd just sit there playing their new video game that they just bought, but haven't had the chance to play because of all the crap they had to do. the midgets would do everything.



From an IM conversation with frito_kal:

"Dear Win2K server. I hate you. Love, me. Dear SQL server. Please go fark yourself. Love, me. Dear Mail Engine. Please stop farking the Win2K and SQL servers. Love, me."
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