August 19th, 2003

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"that's one thing I liked about taking the art class and not getting a grade... you were rewarded for your work not with a letter but with knowledge and experience, growth as an artist... so the more effort you put into the assignments, the more you'll grow and the better your reward. That's definitely one reason why I might have spent four hours drawing my shoe. T_T "

- tigrin
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From dragonsinger:

MY idea for the Angel Musical. The teaser would go as follows:

Dramatic VO Guy:
"Next week, the team of Angel Investigations find themselves trapped in the most terrifying dimension in existence -"

::flashes of a bunch of demons in bad polyester suits and disco balls spinning::

Dramatic VO Guy:
" - the demon dimension which gave us - "

Gunn, holding axe, and lookin' pissed off: "Disco's gonna die again, cause I'm gonna KILL IT."

::background music of KC And The Sunshine Band's "That's The Way I Like It"::

Dramatic VO Guy:
"Disco never died - it's instigators merely went home."

Wesley: "I am NOT singing ANY ABBA tunes." ::blinks as several weapons point in his face:: "How does 'Dancing Queen' strike you?"

::different scene::

Angel: "I managed to block the 70s out."
Gunn: "I think they called that 'LSD', man."

Dramatic VO Guy:
"Angel and the others want to do the same. An all new - Angel!"

So... what do you think, sirs?
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and yet another from trollprincess

in response to why a friends plant is taking over her cube:

I think your foliage is staging a coup by gathering your office supplies into a militia by offering to return them to Staples. Have you checked your pens for concealed weapons? Has your stapler used your credit card to buy tickets for "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" at your nearest arthouse movie theater? Are your paper clips linking arms through no fault of your boredom?

If so ... dude, you are sooooo screwed.
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