August 18th, 2003

Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

Oh, no! Not FRUIT PUNCH! *cries dramatically*

It's a Saiyuki-specific funny!

"Gojyo might not be so tormented if only somebody clued him in to the fact that his hair and eyes are actually the color of fruit punch instead of blood."

And then later, in the comments:

"Problem being, where's the angst in '...hovering over him (Hakkai), Gojyo's magenta eyes glared into his, reminding him of the time he ate a strawberry-flavoured fruit pop and got that terrible tummy-ache...'"
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one - original (doctor who)

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Somebody I've been meaning to metaquote for a while - tictactacogirl:

Day Two

Prison wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the constant brainwashing and information milking. And I don't even get a cookie after. Damn this infernal federal system! And would it kill them to install some more cable channels? Cannot abide missing Sopranos again.

From her Secret Journal of Magneto. You really should check the rest of them out, they're a hoot.
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This quote's a bit late but i thought you'd all enjoy it anyway:

Throughout the city, millions of people are waking up to a flashing symbol of hope.






That's right. The power is back. Go set your clocks, your VCR, your cable box and answering machine. Let them all know that you -- the master of your own destiny -- know far better than they what time it truly is.

(from bluemilker)
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um, happy birthday?

"So in four years you'll be thirty."

Yes, I did the math on that already. Thanks for the update, though.

"Are you still going to be living with Mom and Dad by then?"

Yes. Yes I am. I'm going to live with them until they die, and then I'm going to mummify them and prop Dad up in front of his computer and Mom up in front of hers (browser open to eBay), and have about as much conversation with them as I do now. And since the house is paid off, I'll only have to worry about food and utilities, which I can pay for with the series of menial behind-the-counter jobs that will slowly wear down my soul until it's naught but a tiny nub of wasted potential, at which point I will snap, and become the local crazy cat lady who scares the little children, and they'll haul me and my long, matted gray hair and my three teeth off to the state home, and I will cling to the rotting porch of this very house until pieces of wood splinter off in my hands, and they have to tranq me to get me into the van. And the local news will come and film inside this very room, so filthy and stacked floor-to-ceiling with comic books and cat feces will it be.

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