August 17th, 2003

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Death by pastry. Hmm.

yaksha42 wound up sitting in on his roommate's History class.
So anyway, about half way through the lecture, she stops and hands out note cards for a quiz. She really had no idea I was there. Just another student. So I got a note card to put my quiz answer on.

She asked us to write about one of the countries involved in World War I. As much info as we knew. So I decided to write about France. My answer went something like this: France's strategy in World War I was to hurl delicious pastries into the German trenches, allowing them to grow fat and lazy and a rather fast speed. That, coupled with horrible restaurant service, and causing confusion among the Germans by using the word "chips" instead of "french fries", led to a systematic demobilization of the German army.

I wonder what kind of grade I got :D

yaksha42 is a very, very bad boy.
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'When I closing at work tonight, we were playing Rammstein as our 'Get the Fuck Out' music, and this 15 year old girl walks up to me..

T.D.= Teenage Dimwit
ME= ..duh

T.D.:"Um...what's this you're playing?"
Me:"This is a band called Rammstein...[were'closed, get the fuck out.]"
T.D.:" they worship Satan?"
T.D.:"Do they worship Satan?"
Me:"..No...they're just German..."

Desperada, K: Desperada
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gj_fate: As a lover of all languages (I take them out to dinner regularly) I hate it when people take for granted the beautiful language we've been blessed with by saying things like "OMG, ROTLFMAL, LOL!! im so hot 4 u. r u hottt 4 me? i h8 u." in FANFICTION for gawd's sakes.
You know what would be ironic? If I made a spelling mistake in that post. That'd be irony.
ironychan: You called?