August 16th, 2003

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Random conversation while watching Whose Line ("World's Worst things to say or do on your first day in prison")

Drew: "Look, my aunt sent me some butter!"
Mom: "Oooooooh."
Me: "I don't get it."


"Yes I do. EWW."

from gypsyjr

So, there.

"Watched an interview with Jackie Chan last night, on the Leno show, which also happened to be the show in which five gay guys attacked Jay's/The 'Show's style like rabbit rat dogs, descending upon him in a maelstrom of feminine hip-wiggling and and cat-fight-style comments about the mistreatment of cashmere blazers. This being the case, the very first thing Jackie askes Jay is if Jay is gay. Hee."
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Sweet Jesus on a Triscuit!

"Jesus on a triscuit seems kind of redundant. I mean, I've never actually eaten body of Christ, not having had communion and all, but it looks like a crunchy bread product. Putting Jesus on a triscuit is just sticking one crunchy bread product on top of another. Wouldn't it be more interesting to slather him with jam or maybe dip him in honey?"

lex_of_green, in a comment on this post
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