August 15th, 2003

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"Johnny was coming up with things like butt slaps, he was smacking my bum with his sword, but it didn't make it into the film because unfortunately it wasn't where we could go with the characters at that point." ~Orlando Bloom

Disney must be turning over in his money-littered homophobic grave. Looking forward to PotC 2: Curse of the Rug Burn...
- ringteign
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From mice

Okay, so you may be wondering whats up with the tribal make up, the small fire in my living room, and my extremely bad dancing. I had a job interview today--no, I did not go there looking like this!


So you see my need to perform an ancient tribal ritual to ensure me, if I can only find out where that goat got off to, I can finish this and make lunch.
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Fox and magpie (art (c)

"Don't know my own strength..."

"Today, the power went out in various cities around my area. at first i thought it was my dad, because he was installing a airconditioner in the kitchen, and when he turned it on - BOOM! lights out for at least 4 hours XD

it was like... the whole city. and dad went out and found out it was at least 5 cities around us.

i told him he broke our province >XDDD"

-leenae on Blackout 2003.
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bloody2, about my icon:
"First off, it's pre-established that they're puppets, right? and they either have sticks or hands up their bottoms? so... wouldn't these get in the way of their hot yellow and orange muppet buttsex?"
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bitch PLEASE

y0uNg LuV

Oh, and [my friends and I] decided that the Iranian boy has this little obsession with me. Like when I wore my French shirt, and he blatantly stared at my chest and asked what my shirt said. ("Stop looking at my chest, asshole," I should have said.) And how he doesn't take his eyes off me in Government. Poor kid's gonna fail the AP exam.