August 14th, 2003

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I think if I were going to make a [Mary] Sue, and make her want to sex up all the HP guys, I'd give her a sluttier name like Sexabelle or Tittirella.


(Just kidding of course... o_O don't go looking for "The Chronicles of Nippelina MacSlutStripper" on Actually, I'd advise you not to do that anyway, for everyone's sake...)

-- algussadalfas

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From steviehayes on melbournemaniac

Satan's Scrotum

yeah you just don't forget a band name like that.

and from myniamh

People on trains have no problem with sitting on my poor little laptop either! They just point their large bottoms slowly towards your bag like a slow motion horror film. God help them if it was full of broken bottles or something. Hmmm... thats an idea.
  • elorie

me, too, honey...

"Anyway I am sure he is gay. Why do I say that? Well cause I like him and nothing attracts a Vyviane faster then a flaming homo. I swear all people should be color coded according to sexual preference. It would have already saved my heart from breaking at least a dozen times." ---vyviane