August 12th, 2003

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I've had Tiny Dancer by Elton John stuck in my head for a good two days. I was singing it under my breath at work today, when the girl who was on with me looked at me strangely.

Me: What?
Her: Did you just sing "Hold me closer, "Tony Danza"?
Me: (in open-mouth horror) Why would anyone ever sing that?!
Her: I don't know - but if I had to hear it from someone, I'd expect it to be you.

Desperada, K: Desperada
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hisgreyeyes, on reading PotC fanfic...

Edit: Jack gets his hat back from the monkey and checks for lice? Yeah, right! He's the most body-parasite-covered character in the entire film. Any monkey lice would have to face the ravening hordes of pirate-fed fleas. He's reached the stage of dirtiness where it's become a way of life, not just a bad itch.

Edit the second: I haven't even read any Jack/Will and I'm sick of it already. Yay Barbossa! You are ugly, dead and underappreciated!