August 8th, 2003

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"My girlfriend is writing her thesis on the blah blah blah something effects of Internet pornography on something blah blah blah. Something like that, but it may have fewer blahs in it. When she tells me the title, I feel all stupid because my thesis was only about Renaissance paintings, and had a very short title, and lots of pictures. I don't know if she's putting pictures in hers."
~ elinora
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This is from a character in an RPG:

"I think [love is] more like a trial and error kind of thing...or like, jeans. There's this one pair that you love, love, LOVE...that you can't get rid of even after they don't fit anymore, that you will always remember fondly...but eventually you got to move on and realize that you're gonna grow, and you just need to buy some new pants." -lavenderxdarts
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...argh...can't...stop...quoting her...

Making me choose between two hot guys who, while gay, also look fairly-to-very good in Speedos, and a pair of clowns is like asking me to choose between screwing Orlando Bloom or watching Eddie Izzard perform standup.

Heck, why can't I do both at once? Have sex with Orly and have Eddie perform standup in the corner of the room.

-- apocalypsos
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A quote

"Well, as a dumb American who thinks Geoffrey Rush is British, naturally I believe that all English aristocrats are completely inbred. I mean, obviously. But I had no idea Disney was so kinky as to show it. Go, Disney!"

-ealgylden (in the discussion on this entry)
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This is only one of the gazillion reasons that the fic sucked. On Snape's behalf, I would like to request that Alan Rickman dig himself a grave and roll in it.
-- spamhead80

uniquesnowflake: Besides, does it really make you any less snippity if you're being personally snippity to someone while In Character? Call me weird, but I think it makes you more pathetic.
banal_o_rama: I think it makes you well-rounded -- like being able to curse in Klingon AND Elven. No, wait, I meant horrendously sad. Oops.
uniquesnowflake: I can curse in Dwarvish. Beat that.
banal_o_rama: I can write out curses in Futurama's alien language.
uniquesnowflake: Well, shit. You win!
banal_o_rama: HOREY I AM QUEEN LOSER
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kuchenhexe drew my attention to this gem, which she reproduced from an RP log:

lnitefall: ::just arriving back from Takis, has lemon yellow pants, a lilac purple ruffled shirt, a pink vest, a crimson jacket, gold boots, gold cloak embrodiered with silver vines and a large brimmed deep purple hat with a plume::
lnitefall: ::oh yes, and an ivory walking stick::
kuchenhexe: Nosy Neighbors> ::would be calling around to report that a man dressed like a fatal Crayola explosion is seen entering Amelia's shop::
lnitefall: ((::dies!::))
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Oh, and here's one from customers_suck, courtesy of hardygrrlx:

So I tell this clueless clittwiddler that "sorry, there's no next day delivery. Let me call Fed Ex and see how fast the trucks are going". Not good enough. He wants the fucking card tomorrow, reality be damned.

We went back and forth for about ten minutes until I snapped and said "LOOK. Here are your options. Fed Ex by truck, 3-5 days. Regular mail, 7-10 days. Or I can rubberband the card to a pigeon and whip it out the window. PICK ONE."