August 6th, 2003

True Blood - Eric

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More amusement from userinfodarqstar's cat:

"You can tell me it's normal till you're blue in the face, but I still say there is something wrong with a cat who's been licking his butt for 20 minutes straight. There is nothing in that area that could be that fascinating. And if there was, I'm sure it's been licked away by now."
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springtime the pony

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sosiqui, commenting on an entry in pottersues:

This story prompted the BEST IM conversation ever.

[Sosiqui]: Great, now we have Death Eaters AND Mechas.
[Sosiqui]: Ooh! Death Eaters IN Mechas!
[Innocent Bystander]: That is the lamest thing ever
[Sosiqui]: That would RULE!!!
[Innocent Bystander]: ::snickers at the thought::
[Sosiqui]: Death Eaters in mechas! Dude!
[Sosiqui]: That's just COOL!
[Sosiqui]: Stupid, but cool!
[Sosiqui]: And then we can totally have the Evangelions come and fight with them!
[Sosiqui]: Because, you know, if Voldemort wins it's the 3rd Impact!
[Sosiqui]: And Sailor Moon will come and aid the noble side of Hogwarts, teaching all the students Moon Prism Power! (Draco won't like the makeup part, but he'll learn to love the new fuku uniforms in time.)
[Innocent Bystander]: ::weeps for humanity::
[Innocent Bystander]: ::snickers::
[Sosiqui]: And of course Artemis from Sailor Moon will get it down with McGonagall in Animagus form. OMGTEHIRLOVEISSOPURE!!!!!!111111
[Sosiqui]: And and and and uh
[Innocent Bystander]: ::sweatdrops::
[Sosiqui]: Oh yeah, and then all the DBZ characters will show up and go GNNEEERRRRRRRRRR! RAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHH! NEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
[Innocent Bystander]: ::Falls over:: the hell?!?! Nooooooo!
[Sosiqui]: And Dumbledore will go Super Saiyan too and go PHEAR MA OLD MAN POWERZ!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!!!!11111111111
springtime the pony

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Sorry to do two in one day, but... concerning pr0n (from tws_support... and yes, it included me, but I'm just dumb enough to find this funny):

trueraijin: Cruising VCL... yields the most intresting things. Prawn Pr0n.
ironychan: Wow.
ironychan: Hey, too bad they're not dressed formal... if the girl prawn were in a frilly dress and the guy prawn were in a tux, we could call it prawn prom pr0n.
ironychan: Or hey, if the girl prawn were also a cheerleader, it would be prawn prom pom-pom pr0n!
ironychan: *is chased out of the community by an angry mob*
sarahtheboring: And if the boy prawn is a body-builder, it'd be prawn prom pom-pom/brawn pr0n.
sarahtheboring: Shoot me now. XD

Hysterical Paranoia

Hi :) Lurker. Thought I'd share:

...cults just aren't what they used to be. There’s no symbol or guru for the members to follow blindly, there’s no government conspiracy to debate upon. Far too much sitting around underneath trees holding hands, and not nearly enough hysterical paranoia. -- freemo
Nomadicwriter's Jed

A conversation between me and my brother:

Jeff: So I'm kind of stuck in the game, it's not letting me go anywhere. So I'm just mapping it out, now.
Me: Yeah, that's how we got our maps of the world we have now. People got bored, they didn't know what to do, so they just went around making maps.
Jeff: Yeah, Magellan, he had a real bitch of a time. He was like, "I don't know what to do, I don't even know where I'm supposed to be going right now, but there's all this stuff here so I guess I'll make a map of it for later."
Me: Yeah, and then Columbus, he was like, "Well, I know I'm supposed to be able to get to the West Indies, my friend who was playing before got there. I don't know where else I need to go.. maybe I'll just go here.."
Jeff: He thought maybe he had an import or something.
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