August 3rd, 2003

vegemite toast

Offerings from my Friends list...

socialcameleon (who is a medical student)

Worst pick up line ever:

Hey, wanna take my femoral pulse?

acetal who should post more often:

Last night I dreamt that I was the angel of the letter K and it was my duty to bring the good word - erm - letter to the people. The people, never having heard of K, insisted on using hard C instead.

It was all very frustrating. Then some bastard had the termerity to say, "If you're really an angel, prove it. Provide us with a miracle." As if the floating and glowing wasn't enough for them. What did they expect me to do? I was the frigging angel of the letter K! It's not like I was a superhero like Letterman or something.

You know what the most annoying part was? Waking up and realising that the reason the angel of the letter K was having so much trouble was because he'd missed his cue. I really hate my brain sometimes.

quixotic_sense's Film Festival Review:

First of all: "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ALREADY, YOU STUPID WOMAN!" Ahem. There were equal parts nervous laughter and screaming at tonight's screening, so as far as horror movies go, The Grudge got it right. It's terrifying. The non-linear storyline makes it more interesting than your usual scream fest, but it's slightly marred by a lack of direction.

Perhaps it's just as well that you didn't manage to get a ticket, lj user= "_bounce_">. I used to be wary of mirrors. Now I'm also wary of closets, windows, doors, staircases, ceilings, and the space underneath tables. Oh, and very pale children. Yay.

Well, they made me giggle. ;)
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Geez, does this person actually OWN a damn cat? Cause I've had them for the 20+ years I've been alive and I can assure you that diets don't work. Cats are more than happy to remind you about how five of their six ends get pointy when they're unhappy.

-- iczer6 (on JF)