August 2nd, 2003


One would not think it possible for a week year old baby to actually pee in his own eye. But I can say with certainty now... they have dead aim.

I've nicknamed him Popeye.
-- tangletoy
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you suck too

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From inbetweens:
Colorblindness is only a handicap when I'm either shopping or playing Candyland. Except that one time when I was like "Hah, and Elijah wore the yellow shirt of GAY!" and everyone was like "Dude, Honey, it was orange," and I was like "You said it was yellow!" and everyone was like "No that was Dom. Hahaha, you suck" and I cried. Maybe Elijah thought it was yellow. Maybe he intended to wear a yellow shirt of GAY but he grabbed orange, and everyone laughed at him too. But Dom got it right. Dom knows his colors. Dom should come shopping with me. He could gently point out red and steer me away from orange. We could go into the dressing rooms and - Shopping. Yep.
Psych - BFF 4evah!

overheard at journalfen

"Every once in a while I look to see if there are other journalfen users with my interests who actually post in the journal. It still seems like 1/2-2/3 of the users don't actually use the journal. So it's like they're just taunting us with their interests."

- Ane
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