July 30th, 2003

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Unfortunately, the Highlander/PotC crossover I would not have written, with Jack as an Immortal, is axed -- Gibbs specifically says "mortal" in reference to the curse. Unless, of course, Jack hasn't died violently for the first time yet. That might work. (Would the stabbing while undead count, then, and trigger his Immieness? It's been a while since I watched any Highlander, and the show was notably lacking in undead pirates.)

-- carmarthen
stealth whap

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From a dicussion of smutwriting here:

"Look, I'm not good with spatial visualization. Having to stop in the middle of writing a scene to figure out why Lex has three hands and how to fix it..." --celli

"::snerk:: I hear ya. Or, as kita0610 said to me in a beta once, "he would need six hands and three mouths to do that. Angel's a vampire, honey, not an octopus." *g*" --poisoninjest
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englishmartyr-that was before you turned all queer and jewish on my ass

don't blame me for the fact that you gained 100 lbs and become all anti-drug and stupid

wearingabeanie-you were there the nigh of the accident. I can't believe you're making fun of my weight when it was your drunk ass that got me into a wheelchair for six months anyway! How oculd i not have gained a hundred pounds? i couldn't walk, i couldn't excercise. i could barely move my arms, you bitch.

i tried to be nice to you even after that. but you just couldn't be civil, could you? Girlfriend, you are one fucked up hooker.

"Conversation" heard on grammarpolice
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Fox and magpie (art (c) kyoht.com)

Wonder if Webster's makes a dictionary of MS terms and the like?

Inglish: A broken form of English, believed to have branched from the original language when the fandom was created. Also a mixture of Fangirl, Netspeak and PoorGrammarandSpelling, three new languages collectively formed by squadrons of uninspiring poets, clueless songwriters and impeccably horrible fanfiction writers.

-As defined by clannoire, here in deleterius
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fish kiss
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sorchar: "Just as a bit of advice: Before trying to use the "battle of wits with unarmed person" snark, one should make sure one's own weapons are loaded, and that one can actually find the battlefield."

Heh. Made me snarf.
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Mmmm, hamburger poetry

"I feel like writing angsty poetry. Maybe I'll write it on burgers in mustard... Don't eat at Wendy's tonight, your burger may taste like mustardy angst." ~ wassomeoneelse

Just a question about the no quoting from locked entries rule... if it's from a comment to an entry on my *own* journal (cuz just quoting my*self* would be kinda lame), could I post it?
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